A busy week for Chestnut class!

We have been very busy this week and have had lots of fun in Chestnut class!

Firstly, as part of our Literacy topic on instructions, we have been making our own tasty ham and chicken sandwiches! We will be using this to inspire our writing.


We have also been lucky enough to have a trained karate instructor teach us some basic moves one afternoon to help us refresh and energise our brains! We all had great fun learning a new skill!


On Friday we also had our first swimming session. All the children had some time in the pool and we are all very excited for our next lesson! I can’t wait!

Remember that both Year 4 classes are collecting old clothes to help those leaving Syria! If you have any, please bring them into school! It will make such a difference!

Miss Caldwell

The beginning of Cedar class

Welcome to our first class post!

Today, we made ‘Utterly Butterly’ sandwiches, which turned out to be wonderful jam sandwiches. We made these so that we can use this information to write legendary instructions. Miss Baghurst has kindly let us take the sandwiches home to eat (yum yum)!



Now that we are a Primary School, we have two in-class assemblies and during this time we have a chance to reflect upon current events that are happening or have happened. So far we have discussed the longest reigning Queen and also we have discussed the migrants/refugees from Syria! We are also hoping that we can help them in many different ways e.g. donating any spare leftover clothes we may have.

Luckily, this Friday we are going to be going swimming as a class.. We are SO excited because we cannot wait to get in that water and practice our swimming. Also, in Art we have used the skill of ‘Pointillism’ to create pictures of the Cedar tree which the class really enjoyed. There is lots more, but this will be posted soon!

Cedar class, can you share with me below how we can help the people fleeing from Syria?

Miss Baghurst

Welcome to Year 4

Hello all!

We hope you have enjoyed your first week at Lawford Mead Primary. We certainly have!

You are all full of enthusiasm and passion and we hope that this positive attitude remains for the whole year.



Here is to an exciting year ahead.. We cannot wait!!! Leave a comment to let us know what you are looking forward to this year.


Miss Baghurst and Miss Caldwell