Greek Projects

Children in Ash and Aspen have handed in some marvelous work/ projects given as homework. As a part of completing their work, they have learnt many interesting facts about Greece and ancient Greeks. Well done to all the children for showing such great enthusiasm and also a big thank you to all the parents who were equally enthusiastic about it!

Memorable Greek Workshop

As a part of our memorable experience, Ash and Aspen indulged themselves in a Greek workshop held at school. They not only had the privilege to listen to the famous, ancient Greek myths and legends, they also got the opportunity to act in some of them! The workshop was quite informative and the children greatly enjoyed the experience.


Ash and Aspen ended their half term topic, ‘Tremors’ on a big high!! The children made their own seismographs before the half term! It was heartening to note that the children have really enjoyed this topic.

Stories of volcanic eruptions!

As part of our Tremors topic, we are learning about Volcanoes. We are using this to inspire our English and will be writing stories set in Pompeii during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

How will you describe the volcanic eruption?

How would you have felt if you lived in Pompeii at the time?

Writer of the week!

The award for the writer of the week goes to Natalie Turner for drafting an impressive acrostic poem on volcanoes. Her choice of words and her creative ideas makes me wonder if we have a poetess in the offing! Keep up the great work, Natalie!