Monday’s learning – 1/3/21

Here is your learning for today! We will go through it on our Zoom call at 10:20 am and we can answer any questions you have. Answers for reading and maths will be posted later today, so you can check your work.

English – Writing:


Today, why not learn how to spell these tricky words. Or, if you think you already know them, get an adult or older sibling to test you! This blog post tells you some fun ways to practise spellings:

  • heard
  • heart
  • height
  • history

Spelling: This week we are going to work on adding suffixes that start with a vowel ‘ed’, ‘en’ and ‘ing’ to words containing more than one syllable. Click on the link below for more information.

Practise this week’s words using the look, cover, write, check technique. You can draw a grid like this out on a piece of paper:



Charlie and the chocolate factory, chapter 5, pages 23-24

“You mean people are actually going to be allowed to go inside the factory? Read it quickly what it says!” said Grandpa Joe excitedly.

“All right,” said Mr Bucket, “Listen.”

The newspaper notice said: I, Willy Wonka, have decided to allow five children to visit my factory this year. These lucky five will be shown around personally by me, and they will be allowed to see all the secrets and the magic of my factory. At the end of the tour, as a special present, all of them will be given enough chocolates and sweets to last them for the rest of their lives! So watch out for the Golden Tickets! Five Golden Tickets have been printed on golden paper, and these have been hidden underneath the ordinary wrapping paper of five ordinary bars of chocolate. These chocolate bars could be anywhere – in any shop in any town in any country in the world where Wonka’s Sweets are sold. And five lucky finders of these five Golden Tickets are the only ones who will be allowed to visit my factory and see what it’s like. Good luck and happy hunting! (Signed Willy Wonka)

“The man’s dotty!” muttered Grandma Josephine.

“He’s brilliant!” cried Grandpa Joe

1.  What was Grandpa Joe so excited to find out about?

2.  What did Mr Bucket start to read?

3.  How many children will be allowed to visit Wonka’s factory?

4.  Why does Wonka call these five children ‘lucky’?

5.  What was the special present that would be given to the chosen five children?

6.  How would the children be chosen? Explain in your own words.

7.  Grandma Josephine calls Mr Wonka as dotty. What do you think ‘dotty’ means?

8.  Do you agree with Grandpa Joe that Wonka was brilliant? Explain why/why not.

Click on the following link for chapter 5 of the book, Charlie and the Chocolate factory.


Times table starter:

Today in maths, we are going to continue to work on compare lengths. Watch the video carefully by clicking on the link below and then have a go at answering the questions underneath on paper.


Food in Germany To link with your topic for this term, follow these links to find out about:

a) Gummy Bears

Gummibären – The Voyage Kids – UK German Connection That’s right! – Gummibären (gummy bears) are a German invention!They were first created by Hans Riegel all the way back in 1922. Hans Riegel was the founder of the German sweet company Haribo and came from the city of Bonn in Germany .

b) Fast Food in Germany 

c) Chocolate in Germany

Write at least 3 facts about each topic that you have found out. 

Don’t forget to post your learning on Seesaw from today. We look forward to seeing all your work!

Mrs Dubey and Mrs Phelps

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