Reading and maths answers – 25/2/21


1.  How many people worked in Willy Wonka’s factory some time ago? (1 mark)  thousands of people

2.  What did Willy Wonka ask all the workers in his factory, all of a sudden? (1 mark)  to leave and never come back

3.  What do you think the word ‘spies’ mean? (1 mark)  someone who secretly gathers information

4.  What did the spies do? (1 mark)  pretended to be workers and stole Willy Wonka’s secret recipes

5.  What happened in other factories because of the spies? (2 marks)   They started making the ice cream that never melted, chewing gum that never lost its flavour and sugar balloons that blew up to huge sizes.

6.  Copy a word from the text that means the same as ‘destroyed’. (1 mark)  ruined

7.  Find the evidence from the text that tells you that there were no longer any chocolates that got made in the factory. (3 marks)   factory became silent and deserted. The chimneys stopped smoking and machines stopped making any sounds.


Mrs Dubey and Mrs Phelps

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