Thursday’s learning – 25/2/21

Here is your learning for today! We will go through it on our Zoom call at 10:20 am and we can answer any questions you have. Answers will be posted later today, so you can check your work.

English – Writing:


Today, why not learn how to spell these tricky words. Or, if you think you already know them, get an adult or older sibling to test you! This blog post tells you some fun ways to practise spellings:

  • grammar
  • group
  • guard
  • guide

Spelling: Practise your weekly spelling words: gardening, gardened, limited, limiting, developing, developed, listening, listened, covered, covering

Creative writing:

Look down!

Sentence challenge:

A preposition is a word that shows the relationship between one thing and another.

It may tell you where a thing is in relation to something else. E.g. The passengers watched from inside the plane.

It may tell you when something is in relation to another event. g. The excitement would not end until the plane landed.

Can you write 3 sentences for the picture above that contain prepositions?

Click on the link below for some ideas.

Story starter:

“Look! Look down there!” His voice could just about be heard above the sound of the aeroplane’s engine and the shrieking wind in their ears.

“Can you see it?”

Continue the story or write your own…


Charlie and the chocolate factory, chapter 4, pages 18-19

The next evening, Grandpa Joe went on with his story.” You see Charlie,” he said, “not so very long ago, there used to be thousands of people working in Mr Willy Wonka’s factory. Then all of a sudden, he had to ask every single one of them to leave and never to come back.”

“But why?” asked Charlie.

“Because of spies.”

 “All the other chocolate makers got jealous and started sending spies to steal Wonka’s secret recipes. The spies pretending to be workers, found out exactly how a certain special thing was made.”

Grandpa Joe continued, “The spies went back to their own factories to tell and soon other chocolate makers were making the ice cream that never melted, chewing gum that never lost its flavour and sugar balloons that blew up to huge sizes. Mr Wonka shouted, “ This is terrible, there are spies everywhere! I’ll be ruined. I shall have to close the factory!”

 “Then he shut the main gates and fastened them with a chain. Suddenly, Wonka’s factory became silent and deserted. The chimneys stopped smoking and machines stopped making any sounds.”

1.  How many people worked in Willy Wonka’s factory some time ago? (1 mark)

2.  What did Will Wonka ask all the workers in his factory, all of a sudden? (1 mark)

3.  What do you think the word ‘spies’ mean? (1 mark)

4.  What did the spies do? (1 mark)

5.  What happened in other factories because of the spies? (2 marks)

6.  Copy a word from the text that means the same as ‘destroyed’. (1 mark)

7.  Find the evidence from the text that tells you that there were no longer any chocolates that got made in the factory. (3 marks)

Click on the following link for chapter 4 of the book, Charlie and the Chocolate factory.


Times table starter:

Today in maths, we will continue to learn about equivalent lengths. Watch the video carefully by clicking on the link below and then have a go at answering the questions underneath on paper.


As a part of DT, you are going to be making your own pizza! Today, you will research and plan for it. Your computing lesson from yesterday will come in handy as you would have hopefully finalised your choice of toppings. You are going to go on the internet and find the information to fill in the planning grid given below. You will be using your planning sheet from today to make your own pizza next week!

Don’t forget to post your learning on Seesaw from today. We look forward to seeing all your work!

Mrs Dubey and Mrs Phelps

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