Reading and maths answers – 24/2/21


1. What did prince Pondicherry want Mr Willy Wonka to do? (2 marks)  to go all the way to India and build him a colossal palace entirely of chocolate

2.  Find a word that means ‘extremely large’. (1 mark)  colossal

3.  How many rooms did the palace have? What was everything made out of? (2 marks)  The palace had one hundred rooms and everything was made of either dark or light chocolate.

4.  What came pouring out when you turned on the taps in the bathroom? (1 mark)  hot chocolate

5.  Why did Mr Wonka warn the prince to eat his palace right away? (1 mark)  because it was hot and it would all melt

6.  What happened to the palace and why? (2 marks)  The whole palace melted because it was a very hot day!

7.  Why was it a strange thing that no one ever went in or came out of the factory? (2 marks)  It was strange because if there were people working inside, they would surely want to go back home in the evening like everyone does.


Mrs Dubey and Mrs Phelps

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