Reading and maths answers – 20/1/21


1.  Find and copy the word that means Barney looked quickly.   peeped

2.   Why do you think Barney was keeping near to the big tree when he was looking over the edge?  just in case he slips, he would have something to hold onto

3.   Write 3 things did Barney see when he looked over the edge of the pit. (3 marks)  the patch of earth that had given way under him, the dangling creepers and a scatter of broken chalk

4.   Could Barney see the hole he had made the day before? Yes or no.  No

5.   Find a copy the word that means the hole he had made was wide.   gaping

6.   How do you think Barney felt when he realised that Stig must have mended the hole? Use evidence to support your answer. (2 marks)  He felt very happy and excited because it says in the text that he gave a big jump.


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