Reading and maths answers – 19/1/21


  1. What did Barney pull out of his pocket? The flint
  2. Why did Barney now think the Stig was real?  Barney remembered that he had seen Stig make that flint.
  3. What did Barney remember about flints?  that flints were made by people that lived thousands of years ago and kept in museums
  4. What did he decide he wanted to look at?  He decided to look at the place where he had fallen yesterday.
  5. How did Barney feel when something moved by his feet? How do you know? Use evidence. (2 marks)   Barney felt scared/nervous because it says in the text that his heart jumped!
  6. Find and copy the adverb that describes how Barney moved towards the pit.  carefully


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