Reading and maths answers – 18/1/21


  1. Why did Barney eat his breakfast very fast? He ate his breakfast very fast because he wanted to go and see Stig.
  2. Which word tells you Barney went quickly out of the door?  shot
  3. What made dark prints in the dew?  Barney’s feet
  4. What did Barney notice when he stopped on the lawn? (3 marks)  He noticed that the sun was bright, yellow leaves fluttered down from the tree and a robin squeaked at him.
  5. What did Barney feel on the back of his head?  He felt the bump on the back of his head.
  6. Why wasn’t Barney sure if Stig was real anymore?  He wasn’t sure that Stig was real anymore because he met Stig after he bumped his head and now he was thinking that maybe Stig was just his imagination!


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