Thursday’s learning – 7/1/21

Here is your learning for today! We will go through it on our Zoom call at 10:20 am today and we can answer any questions you have. Answers for maths and science will be posted later on today, so you can check your work.

English – Writing:


Today, why not learn how to spell these tricky words. Or, if you think you already know them, get an adult or older sibling to test you! This blog post tells you some fun ways to practise spellings:

  • decide
  • describe
  • different

In addition, also practice this week’s spellings: careful, thankful, helpful, wonderful, useless, careless, homeless, hopeless

Creative writing:

The Wave

Sentence challenge!

A simile is a figure of speech comparing one thing with another using ‘as’ or ‘like’, used to make a description more emphatic or vivid.

For example, the wave was high like a gigantic wall.

In the above sentence I am comparing the wave to a gigantic wall and I have used the word ‘like’.

Now, can you write your sentence to describe the wave, including a simile?

Story starter!

Some people love living dangerously. For some people, the thrill of a near miss is what they crave their whole lives; the moment of panic that rises up from the pit of your stomach like your blood has turned to ice, but then washes over you like blissfully warm water as the danger passes.

This was one of those moments. You could hear the sharp intake of breath as the crest of the fifty metre wave frothed and foamed like the mouth of an angry Kraken. There were only seconds left to wait…

Continue the story or write your own based on the picture…


Find your reading book, picture book or magazine and spend some time enjoying reading, either to yourself or to a parent.

We have also signed up to Oxford Owl where you can access lots of e-books to read online. Ask an adult to help you to log in. Here are the log in details:

Oxford Owl – Phonics books:

You can log in using this username and password by clicking on the ‘My class login’ button on the Oxford Owl site.

Username: aspen2021
Password: password


Times table starter:

Today, in maths we are going to learn about the 4 times table. Watch the video link carefully and then have a go at answering the questions underneath on paper.



Watch the follow clip to find out about the parts of a plant:

1) Label the main parts of the plant.

2) Now follow this link to find out more about plants and the function of each part:

3) Fill in the missing gaps in the sentences using the words given below.

Don’t forget to post your learning on Seesaw from today. We look forward to seeing all your work!

Mrs Dubey and Mrs Phelps

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