Homework 21/9/20 – 25/9/20

Well done to all the children who have successfully completed their homework and uploaded it on seesaw! A big thank you to all the parents for facilitating it. 🙂

Here’s the homework for this week.

English – Common Exception Words

1. Practise your spellings for this week using look, cover, write, check. Practise each word 5 times and then put 5 of these words into sentences:

Some children have been given different spellings than these, they need to check them in their seesaw account. We have posted their spellings there for them and have told them!

2. Practice your spellings on Spelling Shed (your username and password is stuck to your reading record).

3. Remember to read and record it in your reading record every night!

Maths – Times tables

Please remember to practise your target times table for Friday’s two minute times table test

When you have done some homework take a photo and post on seesaw. You should have the seesaw code in your reading record 🙂

Homework must be completed before Friday morning!

Mrs Dubey and Mrs Phelps

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