Hello year 3,

There was some miscommunication and unfortunately the details of the meeting did not get emailed out. Apologies for that. We are instead having a zoom meeting tomorrow (Thursday, 9th July) at 10am. The log in details would be emailed to your parents today.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow! 🙂

Mrs Dubey and Mrs Phelps

Wednesday’s learning 8/7/20

Hi, just a reminder that we have a zoom meeting today at 10 am. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

PE: Daily workout with Joe Wicks! https://www.youtube.com/thebodycoachtv

Maths: Click on the following link to watch the video of today’s lesson – Week 11, Lesson 3 – Add and subtract mass


You can download the corresponding sheet here:

Answers to the worksheet:

Also, remember to have a go at practising your times tables! https://www.lawfordmead.essex.sch.uk/blogs/year3/2020/03/16/times-tables-practice/

English – Creative writing

Message in a bottle

Look at the picture above carefully and have a go at the following activities:

Question time!

  1. What do you think the boy is afraid of?
  2. What has just happened that is causing him to turn around?
  3. What is he looking at?
  4. Who does he hope will come and help him?
  5. What might the note say?
  6. How did the chair come to be in the ocean?
  7. Why do you think he is dressed in such a fashion?

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

  • The boy held the bottle in his hand.
  • The water felt wet.
  • Clouds were gathering

Perfect picture!

Can you make the scroll inside the bottle?

Think carefully about the type of paper it is made from, and what might be written on it.


Today we would love you to practice your skills by creating a poster using either Microsoft word (if you have a windows computer), Pages (if you have an apple computer) or you could try out the free version of the app ‘Book Creator‘ if you don’t have access to the others.

Your task is to create a poster about sun safety/ How to stay safe in the sun!

Here are your challenges when creating your poster:

1. Create an eye catching title for your poster. (Can you choose an interesting font? Are you going to underline your title or put in in bold? What colour will you choose?)

2. Find few photos on the internet that you can copy and paste onto your poster.

3. Find some important information such as: Why is it important to stay safe in the sun? What are the various things one can do to stay safe? Is it harmful for eyes too? How to best protect the eyes?

4. Decide how to arrange your facts on your poster to create an easy-to-read layout. Are you going to use bullet points? Are you going to put each fact in a box or other shape? How can you make you poster something people will want to read?

We look forward to seeing your work!

Mrs Phelps and Mrs Dubey

Seesaw comments 7/7/20

George – Well done for your maths work. Please go over Qs 4, 5 and 7. I could not understand what you have written for Q7. Repost your work on seesaw after doing the corrections.

Lewis – Wow! great to see you working on Roman numerals and time! Lovely hand writing work! Lewis, how about challenging yourself and spelling all the days of the week correctly! Great to see you practise some German too! 🙂

Igor – Fantastic maths work (white rose worksheet). In the work, titled ‘think together’, look closely at Q 2 and have another go, have you spotted all the scales not working properly? On one of the other sheets, check Q 2 a(Answer these questions). AGAIN, please check Q 2 a, b (what is the mass of the bag of potatoes) Go over Q 3 as well (on the sheet that says challenge on the top right hand side). You have to be very careful while working out what each interval stands for. Fab English comprehension and spelling practise work! Igor, I’m speechless looking at your art work. What amazing stencils and how very spectacular is your art creation! Simply WOW! 🙂

Tom B – Lovely art work! Well done for your English comprehension work too! 🙂

Sophia – Fantastic maths work

Ella-Rose – Great answers to English comprehension. Fantastic maths work! What a lovely stencil you’ve cut and I like your idea of using chalk on the stone slab! Love your heart stencil too! 🙂

David – Super maths and English comprehension work!

Isaac – Well done for your regular times tables and spellings practise. Great maths work. Loved your picture of Hooty and crow and also the part of the story that you wrote! 🙂 Loved your stencil of a cat and absolutely thrilled to see that you used spray paints!! Your art work is closest to Banksy’s!! Beautiful art work, Isaac. Kudos!

Freya – What an amazing art work!! Loved your flamingo! 🙂 You have cut a lovely stencil. Well done! Great maths work too! Keep it up.

Great work today, year 3 . Keep it up! 🙂

Mrs Phelps and Mrs Dubey

Zoom meeting reminder!

Hi year 3,

Just a reminder that we have our scheduled zoom meeting tomorrow (Wednesday, 8th July) at 10 a.m. All the details needed to log in have been emailed to your parents.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. Please keep a piece of paper and a pencil handy! 🙂

Mrs Phelps and Mrs Dubey

German work shout outs from Mrs Lees 7/7/20

Natalie – Thank you for sending in your pancake similarities and differences🙂

Tom – Well done to you to for your German work.👍

Igor – Super illustrations and accurate umlauts and capital letters – well done! The picture of the chef’s hat was particularly impressive! You noticed plenty of pancake similarities and differences too. Well done!🙂

Isaac – A lovely pairs game, with all umlauts included and capital letters for nouns. Well done!🙂

Take care,

Mrs Lees

Tuesday’s learning 7/7/20

P.E. – Have a go at the sports challenge for this week by clicking at the link below:

Maths – Click on the following link to watch the video of today’s lesson – Week 11, Lesson 2 – Compare mass


You can download the corresponding sheet here:

Answers to the worksheet:

Also, remember to have a go at practising your times tables! https://www.lawfordmead.essex.sch.uk/blogs/year3/2020/03/16/times-tables-practice/

English – Reading comprehension:

Answer the following questions based on the text above:

Art – Graffiti/ Banksy

In today’s art lesson, we will be learning about graffiti and a famous graffiti artist, Banksy.

There is a big debate as to whether graffiti is an ‘art’ or ‘vandalism’. Some people think that it is an art whereby the artist voices his/her opinion. Others think that it is ‘vandalism’ and should not be encouraged or praised.

Shown below are some of Banksy’s famous works:

Activity: You are going to create your own piece of art, inspired by Banksy. You will need:

  • A paper plate or a thicker paper/card paper (to make a stencil)
  • A pair of scissors (you might need adult guidance)
  • Crayons, felt tips, water colour or coloured pencils (whatever is available at home)


  • Draw onto the paper plate or the card paper the picture that you want to draw. Keep it simple. You may want to draw an apple or a banana or may be a heart.
  • After you have drawn the picture, use scissors to carefully cut from the inside of the shape. Go all around the shape.
  • Once you’ve cut it, your stencil is ready to be used. Banksy used spray paints to go over his stencils but we are going to use either paint or felt tips or chalk, crayons etc (whatever is easily available at home).
  • Use your stencil on a clean paper and colour over it. Remember to hold your stencil firmly.

Given below is a video of me making a stencil and then using my stencil to create an artwork. Take a look if you need help.


Share your art work on seesaw!

We hope you enjoy your learning. Remember to upload your learning from today on seesaw. 🙂

Mrs Phelps and Mrs Dubey

Seesaw comments 6/7/20

Natalie – What a super star you are, Natalie! Well done for correcting your grammar work and reposting it. They are spot on, now! 🙂 Well done for your German, spellings and maths work today.

Darcey L – Well done for your maths work and practise on spelling shed.

Lewis – Wow! What an achievement! Well done for sharing your certificate of rank from your martial arts instructor. Also well done for spellings and maths practice. Impressive work on perimeter and time. Keep it up.

Ella-Rose – Well done for your amazing maths and spellings work. Very impressed to see you do extra work on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Keep it up, Ella!

Igor – Well done for your spellings work and maths from the home learning pack. Super impressive maths work for today! Super duper impressive German work! I loved all your illustrations! Mrs Lees would also be very proud. 🙂 You are a star, Igor.

Freya – Super star for correcting your work from Friday and reposting it. They are all correct now! Well done for your maths and amazing spellings work. I liked the fact that you even made sentences with this week’s spelling words! You are a champ! 🙂

Sophia – Well done for finishing the reading comprehension work already! Also well done for your spellings and maths work.

Tom B – Great spellings and German work!

Persephonie – Great maths and spellings work.

David – Well done for your maths and spellings work. In Q3 c. Look at the picture carefully:

There are 4 intervals between 0 kg and 1kg, and we have to work out what is each interval equivalent to. The 2nd interval is half way between 0 and 1000 (remember 1kg = 1000g), so it is going to be 500g. Now work out the interval between 0 and 500…it is 250 g. Similarly, the interval between 500g and 1000g, would be 750 g. Hope this makes sense. If still unsure, please let me know and I will try and explain again. The picture below may also help in understanding.

Isaac – Well done for your times table practise. Great spellings and maths work. Also, well done for doing reading comprehension from the home learning pack. Great German work. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Mrs lees would also be very pleased to know about it.

Well done, year 3, for your hard work and super efforts! Keep it up. Keep learning and keep posting! 🙂

Mrs Phelps and Mrs Dubey

Monday’s learning 6/7/20

PE: Daily workout with Joe Wicks! https://www.youtube.com/thebodycoachtv

Maths: Click on the following link to watch the video of today’s lesson – Week 11 Lesson 1 – Measure mass


You can download the corresponding sheet here:

Answers to the worksheet:

Also, remember to have a go at practising your times tables! https://www.lawfordmead.essex.sch.uk/blogs/year3/2020/03/16/times-tables-practice/

English – Spelling:

This week we will focus on words with the /k/ sound spelled ‘ch.’ These words have their origins in the Greek language.

Activity 1

Activity 2: Can you complete the quiz by writing the correct word against the definition from this week’s spellings?

Activity 3

Activity 4: Look, cover, write, check for some of this week’s words on the following link – https://www.spellzone.com/word_lists/look-say-cover-write-check-4646.htm

Activity 5: Play some fun games and learn some of this week’s spellings from the following link – https://www.spellzone.com/word_lists/games-4646.htm

Remember to keep practising the Year 3/4 words too! You can find them here along with some fun ideas for practising spellings: https://www.lawfordmead.essex.sch.uk/blogs/year3/2020/03/16/spellings/

English – Reading:

Find your reading book, picture book or magazine and spend some time enjoying reading, either to yourself or to a parent. If you finish your book, why not write a book review: https://www.lawfordmead.essex.sch.uk/blogs/year3/2020/03/16/book-reviews/

German from Frau Lees:

Year 3

Today you will see some German children making pancakes (Pfannkuchen). You will meet some words with umlauts and will learn how to say them.

  1. Watch this video https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zrwrkqt 

3. Watch the film again and write down any of the words that are shown in the film that have an umlaut (two dots above certain letters, such as ü, ä, ö). Can you work out what they all mean?

You can check here:

die Schürzen = the aprons

die Kochmütze = the chef’s hat

die Hände = the hands

die Äpfel = the apples

der Käse = the cheese

schälen = to peel

4. Watch my video to hear how to pronounce these words https://photos.app.goo.gl/acNfe7jKkQpaq6tq7. Try to say them yourself. 

5. Make and then play a pairs game like you did with the seaside words recently – but this time use the 6 new words from today above.  Here is a reminder on how to make your pairs game: 


  • Using a pencil and ruler, divide your A4 card into 12 equally sized parts, either by measuring or folding. You may need an adult to help you with this. 
  • Cut out the 12 rectangles so you have 12 cards, all the same size.
  • Taking 2 cards at a time, on one write the German word (make sure you copy it carefully especially umlauts and capital letters) and on the other card either draw a picture of what the German word means, or write it in English – the meanings are in the list above.
  • Continue until you have made 6 sets of pairs. Try to learn them as you go. 
  • With a family member play the game – put all the cards face down (mixed up) and take it in turns to pick up 2 cards. If they match, you keep them and have another go. If they don’t match, put the cards back and the other person has a go. The person with the most pairs wins

6. Optional activity: 

With an adult’s help you could try making pancakes (Pfannkuchen) and how about trying one of the fillings the children in the video had? Take photos and send them into Seesaw – how did your Pfannkuchen taste? Lecker (delicious), wunderbar (wonderful), nicht so gut (not so good)? 

Here is a recipe but you can use any pancake recipe you normally use. https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/easy-pancakes

The children did not cook their Apfelmus, but here is a recipe which involves cooking the apples. You will need an adult to help you with this. https://www.kitchenproject.com/german/recipes/Sauces/Apfelmus/index.htm. Alternatively you could use apple sauce which you can buy from a supermarket ready made in a jar. 

Guten Appetit!

Bis bald,

Frau Lees

We hope you enjoy your learning today. Remember to share your work on seesaw. 🙂

Mrs Phelps and Mrs Dubey

Home learning pack 6/7/20 – 10/7/20

Here is the weekly home learning pack for this week.

The majority of the content is the same as the daily blogs but adapted slightly to avoid the need for external websites.

We are aware that moving from one link to another can be time-consuming for some so by uploading a week’s worth of learning we hope we can provide further support to those families who would prefer this method.

Remember to upload your work on seesaw! 🙂

Mrs Phelps and Mrs Dubey