Thursday’s learning 16/7/20

P.E. – Have a go at the weekly sports challenge by clicking at the following link:

Maths – Click on the following link to watch the video of today’s lesson – Week 12 (w/c 13th July) Lesson 4 – Bar charts

You can download the corresponding sheet here:

Answers to the worksheet:

Also, remember to have a go at practising your times tables!

English – Creative writing

Under the bed

Story starter!

The scuttling noise had disturbed Michael, and he’d shot bolt upright in bed. After taking a deep breath, he flung himself onto the smooth wooden boards of his bedroom floor and took a peek…

Continue the story or write your own based on the picture.

PSHE – Transition

We still can’t believe that this is your last week in year 3! We know that you all are very excited about year 4. We wish you all the very best! Here are some activities we would like you to have a go at. You could do these and let your new teacher know a bit about yourself!

Activity 1:

Activity 2:

Activity 3:

Have fun learning. 🙂 Remember to share your work with us on seesaw.

Mrs Dubey and Mrs Phelps

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