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Also, remember to have a go at practising your times tables! https://www.lawfordmead.essex.sch.uk/blogs/year3/2020/03/16/times-tables-practice/

English – Reading comprehension

Answer the following questions after reading the text above carefully:

ArtDavid Hockney

Who is David Hockney?

David Hockney is one of the most important painters of the 20th century. If you were to Google, famous British painters, there’s a good chance that Hockney’s name will appear. Born in Bradford in 1937, Hockney was one of the big artists involved in the pop art movement in the 1960s. Pop art was a style of art that was bright, full of colour. It was made by lots of young artists who felt that the art they saw in galleries was a little bit boring.

What does he like to paint?

Hockney lives in London, but owns two other homes in California. You can imagine then that a lot of his work varies, because California and the UK are very different places. California is usually always sunny, where as in England the weather changes all the time. So, when painting in England, Hockney likes to paint the seasons. In Going Up Garrowby Hill, Hockney has painted a canvas of the landscape in Yorkshire, where he was brought up.

When in California, his paintings are colourful and bold. In A Bigger Splash, Hockney paints a swimming pool. It looks like someone has just jumped into the water. The blue is so bright that you want to get on the diving board and jump in too. And look at how tall those palm trees are! You won’t find palm trees like that in England.

Does he like painting people?

Yes! Lots of Hockney’s work involves painting people he loves. This is usually pairs of people. My Parents is a painting of his mum and dad and is probably one of his most famous. Look at how he illustrates their personalities. His mother sits upright and attentive, while his father is absorbed in his paper and seems a little bit on the edge of his seat. It’s like Hockney has captured how he feels about his parents in a painting that will last forever.

So, where is Hockney today?

Hockney is still painting and trying lots of new experiments with art. Some of his most recent work includes painting on iPads. The great thing about iPads is that once the work has been complete, you can go back and see how the painting was created. It’s like rewinding time. Isn’t that incredible?

n the 1970s and 1980s Hockney began to use photographs in a very different way. In compositions such as Nathan Swimming 1982 he assembled groups of photographs to form larger compositions that explored multiple viewpoints. In these works we again see Hockney exploring the possibilities of picture making and experimenting with ways of capturing space, time and movement in still, two-dimensional images.


You are going to create Hockney inspired collage of a picture you click. It could be a picture of a person or a building. Download the picture onto your desktop/laptop if possible. Then, arrange the picture in different ways, try to put it at different angles, experiment with its colours, put the same picture in black and white too and see how it looks! Remember to post it on seesaw!

Enjoy your learning today. Please remember to put your work on seesaw. 🙂

Mrs Dubey and Mrs Phelps

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