Seesaw comments 1/7/20

Ella-Rose – Well done for reposting your English work. Please check Q5 again and I still await the answer to Q9. What a lovely observational drawing of your pet! I really liked it. 🙂 Fantastic maths and English work, lovely to see you do extra maths work for consolidation.

Natalie – Well done for reposting English work, the answer is now correct. 🙂 Still only 1 similarity in Chelmsford and Berlin? Remember to use a capital letter for Berlin, Chelmsford and Europe, these are proper nouns. Well done for today’s English work. Remember to put a full stop at the end of your sentences. Great maths work! Well done for RE too, please revisit Q4.

Isaac – Lovely to read a part of your Hooty story, it had been some time. 🙂 Well done for your times table and spellings practise, RE and amazing maths work. I loved the changes you’ve made to the silly sentences, quite liked the words, ‘piercing’ and ‘swooped’.

Persephonie – Loved your sewing! Really nice. 🙂 Well done for your maths work.

Igor – Well done for your answers to question time. Please remember to put ‘an’ before a word that begins with a vowel or a vowel sound. An eagle would be correct and a eagle would be incorrect. Impressive changes to the silly sentences. I loved the simile you used – flew like a glider! 🙂 Absolutely brilliant RE work, you went above and beyond! Very proud of you. Well done for your spellings practise and maths work.

Lewis – Brilliant, you are reading so regularly, so proud of you. Well done for all your amazing handwriting and maths practise. 🙂

Abiha – Well done for your maths work, please check pentagon and hexagon again. A pentagon has 5 sides and a hexagon has 6.

David – Great RE video. Fantastic maths and English work, I liked the ‘not so silly’ sentences, you made some good changes. Keep it up, David. 🙂

Sophia – Great maths work and a lovely story, I liked the part where they all built a raft. 🙂

Tom – Lovely RE and English work. Some of your answers to the questions time were really nice. Well done, Tom! Keep it up. 🙂

Keep up the great work, year 3. We are really proud of you! 🙂

Mrs Dubey and Mrs Phelps

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