The Big Picture News Quiz!

Next Friday (22nd May) at 1pm, Picture News are hosting a quiz that you can take part in at home, either as a family or on your own.

The questions will look at the Picture News stories from the past few weeks. Each member of the winning team will receive their very own Peter Picture News bear!

You have to reserve a place to take part, so click on the link below to make sure you don’t miss out.

Friday’s learning 15/5/20

P.E. – Daily workout with Joe Wicks!

Maths – As you may be aware, the school now has White Rose Maths membership which means that you can access the videos as well as the activities! 🙂

Click on the following link and have a go at Friday Maths Challenge, then check against the answers given below.


you could complete some of the practical maths challenges from the sheet below. It’s the same challenge sheet that we had earlier too. Do not worry if you can’t complete all of them. You can have a go at them next week. It would be lovely to see some photos or videos of your working out…

Also, remember to have a go at practising your times tables!

English – Grammar (Adverbs of time and manner)

1. Have a go at finishing the sheet.

Adverb of manner – words that tell you how something is done. For example: He walked carefully.

Adverb of time – words that tell you when something has happened. For example: I went to school yesterday.

Challenge:  Write 5 sentences of your own that have either an adverb of time or an adverb of place or both!








2. Challenge yourself and play this game online:

PSHE – Picture News

This week’s story: A new set of satellites will provide all corners of the world with internet access!

Question: Who does outer space belong to?

Watch the following video for a virtual assembly all about this week’s news story! You may need to pause the video to give yourself some more time to think about the questions!

Here are some additional ideas for you to have a go at!

Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to upload your learning on seesaw!

Mrs Dubey and Mrs Phelps

Seesaw comments 14/5/20

Here are today’s shout outs…

Igor – Great DT work! Your croissants were so tempting! I’m sure you must have devoured them in no time! 🙂 Fab work filling the evaluation sheet as well. Great answers to the science sheet in home learning pack. Your sentence on rat was very good. Please check the previous blog on today’s maths and see if you can fix your maths work. Well done for the lovely story! I could see that you are learning your spellings everyday! Great stuff!

Ella-Rose – Great story and lovely maths work!

Asher – That was some amazing German! Loved hearing you say all the days of the week in German. You did extra work on German too! Kudos! I’m so happy to hear that you plan to donate 10% of your profits to Barnardos once you open your own business, that’s really very thoughtful! So proud of you, Asher! 🙂

George A – That was a lovely story, George. I’m happy to note that you remembered your paragraphs. That was some super cool passcode activity! Nice detective stuff, pass on the message without anyone knowing what it’s about! Nice 🙂

Maisy R – What a lovely story, Maisy! Would love to know the ending. 🙂 Great effort at today’s maths work. Please see the previous blog (today’s maths) for more clarification and see if you can fix your work. Keep up the great work.

Darcey L – Fantastic work practising your spellings and times table! Keep it up. Lovely to see that you are learning about Henry II in history. Have a look at the previous blog (today’s maths) and see if you can fix your work. 🙂

Sophia G – Brilliant maths work today, Sophia! 🙂 You are a star, keep it up. Great RE answers and lovely transformation of the sick sentences!

David – Your cookies look so delicious! Scrumptious! I’m impressed 🙂 Loved your story! I liked how the rat and the man became friends!

Natalie – Great stuff again today! Fantastic maths work and loved your story, especially the nice twist in it but thank God the rat got released in the end! 🙂 Last but not the least, loved your baking! It looked absolutely delectable! Well done. 🙂

Tom B – What a great effort at story writing! Keep it up, Tom! 🙂

Isaac – Wow! Such mouth watering apple flapjacks! They look too good and very yummy! I don’t know how you have resisted yourself and not eaten them till now… 🙂 Fab work at filling the evaluation sheet too! So did an adult help you with the digital scale, I’m sure they must’ve! Thanks from my end as well as Isaac now has a new skill of reading a scale! Isaac, your passion for reading should set a benchmark for the rest of year 3 children! 266 times! Wow! I better get a reading certificate ready as soon as we are back at school! 🙂 Great times table and spelling practice. Glad to know that you enjoyed the maths game. I liked the name of the main character in your story – Silk, that’s a nice name!

Well done year 3. Keep learning and keep posting! Take care and stay safe!

Mrs Dubey and Mrs Phelps

Today’s Maths – 14/5/20

Hi everyone!,

We are very proud to see so many seesaw posts everyday! It’s great to know that you all are so passionate about learning and it fills us with a sense of joy and pride! Keep up the amazing work year 3! 🙂

Some of us were a bit confused about today’s maths learning! So I thought, I’ll give a shot at explaining it again using the images from white rose video tutorial! So we had questions on scaling today which means how many times bigger or smaller!! Remember children, times means multiply.

We had this example in tutorial :

Now there is 1 rubber and 5 pencils. We need to see what do we have to times 1 by to get 5.

If we times 1 by 5 , we get 5 which mean there are 5 times as many pencils as rubbers!

4 would be a wrong answer because if we multiply 1 by 4 we get 4 and not 5! Remember it is not how many more but how many times as many…

Let’s look at the next example:

Now in this example, we have 2 cherries and 8 bananas. What do we times by 2 to get 8?

2 X ____ = 8

So the correct answer is 4, as 2 X 4 = 8! She has 4 times as many bananas as cherries!

Hope that helps! Watch the tutorial on white rose maths again and hopefully it’ll makes more sense…

Mrs Dubey

Thursday’s learning 14/5/20

P.E. – Daily workout with Joe Wicks!

Maths – Click on the following link and have a go at Lesson 4 – Multiplication and division problem solving: 

White Rose maths no longer does the free work sheets so please go on BBC Bitesize link (given below) for additional support and practice.

Or/and have a go at solving the questions below:

Also, remember to have a go at practising your times tables!

English – Creative Writing:


Sentence challenge!

Write a sentence about the rat.

Remember your capital letter at the beginning and full stop at the end.

E.g. The greedy rat gathered juicy fruit.

Story starter!

Grab paper and pen and continue the story…

He just couldn’t help himself because he had always been greedy, fat rat.

Up until this moment, he had never been spotted by a human. Now, that was about to change…

DT: Cooking

Given below is the EATWELL GUIDE. You may remember seeing it in the class. It shows you the different food groups and tells you how much of what you eat should come from each food group.

Task – Your task is to cook/make/bake something for yourself and your family. Take a good look at the eatwell guide, see if it helps you decide what you want to make! Click a picture of your end product and put it on seesaw for us to see! Also, fill the evaluation form at the end of it. Happy cooking! Please ask an adult for help if unsure.

Remember to put your work on seesaw once you’ve completed it!

Mrs Dubey and Mrs Phelps

Seesaw comments 13/5/20

Igor – Awesome changes to silly sentences! I loved ‘petite paws’! Very well done. You wrote some lovely answers to question time. Great to see that you are doing spelling practice so regularly! Your RE answers were spot on and maths work was also great! 🙂 Igor, I loved your science ‘balloon’ experiment where you were testing how far your lego toy car would go along with the balloon! What a scientist! 🙂

Darcey L – Wow! Your score on spelling shed has really gone up! Great work! Well done for your comprehension work and that was some fantastic maths work! 🙂

George A – Lovely RE answers and comprehension work. Well done for your science work too! Top tip: A surface that is rough will have more friction. Also the last picture that you circled is a weighing scale and it measures mass. Keep up the hard work George! 🙂

Jack – It was great to see you try Mr P’s challenge for the week! And yes, you did succeed in making a taller tower!! 🙂

Zuzanna – Great RE work! 🙂

Rylee P – Great maths work today, Rylee. 🙂 Keep it up!

Isaac – Great RE work, all answers were spot on! Well done for your maths work, I could see your clear representations (drawings) that you used to work out! Glad to read the comment that you showed a lot of resilience. Bravo!! Lovely to see your daily practice of times table and spelling practice! The ‘silly’ sentences were beautifully transformed! Super star! 🙂

Freya – That cake looks so yummy! I loved the butterflies you used for decoration! I bet they are edible!! You have given me an idea for my daughter’s birthday, thanks Freya! Great baking! 🙂

Ella-Rose – Fantastic RE work, good changes to the silly sentences :-), lovely answers to question time and fantastic maths work! You are a star! 🙂

Natalie – great maths work, English and RE work! Keep it up, Natalie. 🙂

Sophia – What a great mathematician you are! Fantastic maths work. 🙂

David – What a lovely transformation of silly sentences! Well done David. I liked the adjective, ‘ripe’ you used. 🙂 Great Maths and RE work!

Tom B – Great RE answers, Tom! I liked the fact that you wrote your answers in full sentences. 🙂 Lovely answers to question time and like the changes you made to silly sentences! Keep it up, Tom 🙂

It’s always great to see your work on seesaw, year 3! Keep learning and keep posting!

Mrs Dubey and Mrs Phelps

Wednesday’s learning 13/5/20

P.E. – Daily workout with Joe Wicks!

Maths – Click on the following link and have a go at Lesson 3 – Divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number: 

White Rose maths no longer does the free work sheets so please go on BBC Bitesize link (given below)for additional support and practice. You may skip the 3 videos and start with the worksheets and the interactive activity.

Or/and have a go at the questions below:

Solve these questions, use base 10 and draw a place value chart for help.


Also, remember to have a go at practising your times tables!

English – Creative Writing:


Look at the picture above carefully and then have a go at the following activities:

Question time!

  • What do you think the rat is thinking?
  • What has the rat been collecting?
  • If you saw the rat, what would you do?
  • What is the best way for the rat to carry the fruit back to his home?
  • If the rat had a son and a daughter, do you think he should let them go with him when he is gathering food?

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help by improving them? How about adding in some adjectives or adverbs? Or improving the verbs that have been used?

Adjectives are describing words. They describe a noun.

Adverbs tells you ‘how’ and ‘when’ something happens.

Verbs are actions/doing words.

  • The rat put his paws on the fruit.
  • He looked up.

RE: Worship in different religions – Judaism

Gather information by watching the BBC Bitesize link below and then answer these questions on a notepad. Also read the information given on the page.

  • According to Jews, how many days did God take to create the universe?
  • What is a synagogue?
  • What is the religious leader in a synagogue called?
  • What is Torah?


  • What is the name of the special place where Torah is kept?
  • What is the special pointer stick that people use to follow words in Torah called?
  • What language is Torah written in?

Once you’ve seen the video and read the information on the page, don’t forget to take the quiz and test your knowledge!

Remember to put your work on seesaw once you’ve completed it!

Mrs Dubey and Mrs Phelps

Seesaw comments 12/5/20

Here are the shout outs for today…

George A – Let’s start with yesterday’s amazing maths work. Loved your spirit for VE day! Fab! Your drawing with chalk was lovely as was your scarf! You looked great! Fantastic maths work today. I could clearly see the exchange 🙂 .Keep it up!

David – Glad to hear that you enjoyed computing today! 🙂 Your comprehension work was great and your maths work was spot on! Keep up the hard work, David.

Sophia – I’m so touched! What a lovely thank you card!! Very thoughtful of you, Sophia. I’m yet again quite impressed with all the new words that you are learning every day. My favourite today was ‘crimson’ and I quite liked the sentence you made with this word! Good work. Fantastic maths work and well done for doing mathletics too! Great going!

Asher – I’m so impressed with your singing!! It was so melodious! 🙂 Keep it up, singing (music) is a great hobby! What an amazing work you’ve done plotting the WW2 time line and learning about rations and alternative recipes. Your comprehension work was great, as was the spelling work! You’re a star!

Darcey L – A very BIG well done for going on the school blog and doing the work from there on top of the work that you have been doing on Oak National Academy! You are such a star! 🙂 Your maths work and grammar work on adverbs was fantastic! You even went on the spelling shed! You’ve really got a lot of points there!! It’s great to see you do Spanish lessons as well.

Maisy R – Great job at doing your maths work and your comprehension work was also very good! Keep it up!

Tom B – Great job at doing your comprehension today, Tom. Well done!

Ella-Rose – Fantastic maths work today! You seem to have understood it really well. your comprehension work was also quite good! 🙂

Minnie – Amazing baking skills you have!! Your cake and the cookies were so TEMPTING! I bet they tasted really good! 🙂

Natalie – You surely seemed to enjoy coding today! 🙂 Great work at practising your times table, all your maths answers were spot on! Great work, Natalie. Your comprehension work was also great.

Isaac – I loved the BIG smile on your face while holding your ‘worm habitat’ and you already have SEVEN worms in it! Way to go, Isaac 🙂 . Great to know that you enjoyed your coding challenges. Well done for doing your daily times table practise. I was quite impressed with your maths work. You showed me answers in 2 different ways!! Super work.

Freya – It was lovely to see you enjoying coding today! 🙂 Brilliant maths work, loved your explanation of the challenge question!

Persephonie – Well done for your amazing grammar and spelling work . Your maths work was fantastic! I quite like the names of your rabbits, Popcorn and Misty- nice!

Igor – I’m sure you know that you are my computing wizard and an indispensable helper! 🙂 It was lovely to see you do coding. Great spelling practice, word searches and great Earth day puzzle that you did! Your comprehension work was good. Brilliant maths work and then you did some extra on top! You are such a great role model! Keep it up! 🙂

Well done children! We are very proud of you all. Keep learning and keep posting on seesaw!

Mrs Dubey and Mrs Phelps

Tuesday’s learning 12/5/20

PE: Daily workout with Joe Wicks!

Maths: Click on the following link and have a go at today’s lesson. Lesson 2 – Multiply 2 digits by 1 digit

White Rose Maths have stopped giving worksheets for free so please use the BBC Bitesize website link for additional practice.

Or/and have a go at the sheet below.

Also, remember to have a go at practising your times tables!

English – Reading Comprehension:

Find your reading book, picture book or magazine and spend some time enjoying reading, either to yourself or to a parent. If you finish your book, why not write a book review:

Computing – Coding:

Today we would love you to practice your coding skills!

Here are some options:

Help the greedy rabbit gobble all the carrots! How many levels can you complete in this game?

Go on the scratch website and have a go at making your sprite fly.


Mrs Dubey and Mrs Phelps