Seesaw comments 21/5/20

It was so wonderful to see so many of you on the zoom call today! Thank you all for joining in. It was great to see you and to get to know what you’ve been up to! Got to see so many pets, as well! 🙂 There were technical glitches at some ends because of which a few of you could not be a part of it, though I am sure, if there is a next time, you’ll be able to make it! Let’s start with the shout outs for today…

Isaac – What an amazing poster you’ve made! It looks so catchy! Well done. It was very informative, and I enjoyed seeing ‘someone’ fishing at river Can. 🙂 Great maths from home learning pack as well the white rose fraction work! Your story was interesting! Lovely to see your regular practice of times table and spellings! It was great to see you and talk to you today! 🙂

George – Fantastic poster on Amazon river! You selected a great picture of the river. 🙂 It was great catching up with you today!

Sophia – Brilliant poster on Amazon river! Great work in maths too! Please check Q 7 again for me. Keep up the great work, Sophia 🙂 It was lovely to see you today.

Natalie – I loved your story! Please remember to put capital letters at the right places. Great work in maths today! 🙂 It was so good to see you today!

Ella-Rose – It was great seeing you today! 🙂 Your maths work was very good and I was impressed with your grammar practice – 1st person, 3rd person and conjunctions!! Keep it up.

David – Fab maths work and lovely spelling practice. Your story was really good, David! You are a star! 🙂 It was really nice to see you today.

Igor – Missed seeing you on zoom today! I could see that your mum was trying but I guess there must have been a technical glitch. Like always, fab work today as well! Great maths work and spelling practice. Loved your story, wish I could find out what happens in the end…Brilliant power point presentation on river Nile, glad to see you experimenting with different font and effects! You are good at it! 🙂

Tom B – You wrote a great story, Tom! 🙂 It was lovely to see you today.

Asher – It was so lovely to see you today! Saw the amazing necklace that you made and also saw your lovely kittens! They are so cute! 🙂 Well done for participating in the largest art lesson in the world! Great science and grammar work from the home learning pack and fantastic spelling practice. Keep it up!

Keep learning and keep posting!

Mrs Phelps and Mrs Dubey

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