Thursday’s learning 30/4/20

P.E. – Daily workout with Joe Wicks!

Maths – Click on the following link and have a go at Lesson 4 – Problem solving: 

Also, remember to have a go at practising your times tables!

English – Creative Writing:

Sentence challenge!

Choose the appropriate punctuation for the following sentences.

! ? .

Stop You’re going too fast

Am I going to make it to the finish line?

She told herself that it was going to be fine

I’m going to give you the story starter. Pick up you pen and notepad and continue the story. Can you use all the above pieces of punctuation in your writing?

Story starter!

She turned in the saddle and looked behind her. Emma could see the others gaining on her.

Digging in her heels, she whispered some words of encouragement in the ostrich’s ears as it burst into full speed. They were making good time, but there was so far still to go…

Can you continue the story? Who is chasing Emma? Is this a race or is she on another adventure?

Science: Different types of soil

Last week, we learnt about what soil is. Today we will learn about the different types of soil. Click on the links below and watch the clips carefully.

Based on the information gathered from the clips above, can you write the names of different types of soil and make a poster or a presentation on it?

Remember to write your name before you upload your work on seesaw!

Mrs Dubey and Mrs Phelps

2 comments on “Thursday’s learning 30/4/20

  • Andrew says:

    Dear Ms Dubey,
    Hoping that you are well! How Piper misses you!
    Though I can upload Noah’s work to year six, I can’t find a QR code or code for year 3. Could you help please?


    • S Dubey says:

      Hi, I miss them all a lot as well! I am going to post the QR code once again on the blog, hopefully that’ll help! Loved seeing Piper getting ready for The Great British Bake Off!! Impressed with her English, Maths and Science work! Keep it up, Piper!


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