Keep reading!

The above link is to ‘audible’: a site to find books online! They are making many stories available for free to listen to. Which ones have you read? Let me know about your current book you are reading and any recommendations you have… happy reading!

Daily maths lessons plus answers!

The above is a link to White Rose’s home learning page: they include a video linked to the skill that is being taught, a task and a set of answers too!

The upcoming lessons, starting today, are exactly what we would have been learning if we were in school!

Whilst you can complete the lessons whenever you would like, how about joining the Maths Party everyday at 10am?


Why not try some of these project ideas out at home based on our current topic?

Make an alphabetic list of foods from A to Z. Is it possible?

Make an information booklet about a festival that involves eating a special type of food. There are lots to choose from!

Write an imaginative story which starts…‘You’re not going to eat me are you?’ said the…


Practising your spellings will help make your writing better!

Here are a list of the Year 3/4 words children are expected to know by the end of year 4. Why not practise these at home so you can take part in our next ‘Spelling Bee’ competition?

Some fun ways to practice spellings:

Consonant Circle – write out each of your spelling words and then go back and circle all of the consonants in your words!

Upper and lower – write your spelling words two times each. First, write each word in UPPERCASE. Second, write each word in lowercase.

Silly sentences – Can you put your spelling words into silly sentences?

Across and down – Write each of your spelling words across then down.

Connect the dots – Write your spelling words in dots, then connect the dots by tracing over them in a coloured pencil.

Squiggly words – Write your spelling words in normal letters and then squiggly letters.

Backwards words – Write your spellings forwards then backwards.

Bubble letters – Write your spelling words in bubble letters.

Colourful letters – Write each letter of your spellings with a different coloured pencil.

Remember you can use the Spelling Shed app/website to practise as well!

Book reviews!

Why not read as many books as you can whilst you are at home?

Once you have finished as book, why not write a book review so you can tell someone all about it?

What is the title of your book?

Who is the author?

Who are the characters in your book

What happens in the story?

Did you enjoy the book? Why/why not?

Who would you recommend the book to? Why?

Memorable Experience

To kick start our new topic, ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’, Year 3 went on a trip to Morrisons where they walked through the fresh fruits and vegetables and dairy aisles. To make this experience more enriching, once back at school, the children then explored the prices of different fruits and vegetables and learnt about the various countries they originated from.

Writer of the week

The writer of the week is Freddie Holley for writing a really impressive recount on Year 3’s memorable trip to Morrisons. He successfully used adverbs of time and wrote his recount in paragraphs. Well done Freddie!