Book reviews!

Why not read as many books as you can whilst you are at home?

Once you have finished as book, why not write a book review so you can tell someone all about it?

What is the title of your book?

Who is the author?

Who are the characters in your book

What happens in the story?

Did you enjoy the book? Why/why not?

Who would you recommend the book to? Why?

4 comments on “Book reviews!

  • Maisey says:

    The name of the book is Horrid Henry tricks the tooth fairy. The author is Francesca Simon.
    I like it because it is really interesting when Horrid Henry plays with Peter his little brother.
    It’s about Horrid Henry trying to take Peter’s tooth that had just come out, so he can get the money from the tooth fairy. When he came out of Peter’s room he bumped into their mum and she said “What are you doing out of bed” Henry said “I was just checking up on Peter I don’t want him to get hurt. I learnt to not steal your brother/sisters teeth! I really enjoyed this book a lot because it was interesting and funny.
    Maisey Ross – Aspen

  • Tom Baker says:

    The name of the book is Snug.
    The author Michael Morpurgo.
    I like it because it is exciting. It is about a cat who goes on loads of adventures and sometimes he got hurt. There is a nice surprise at the end.
    I would rate it 4/5.
    Tom Baker – Ash

    • S Dubey says:

      Thanks for the review, Tom! I love Michael Morpurgo books as well! Surprisingly, I have not read Snug but looking at your rating (4/5), I’m definitely going to give it a go! Thank you! Keep reading! Also well done for posting your learning on seesaw. So proud of you! Keep posting!


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