Our new budding writer……

The title, ‘writer of the week’ goes to Connor for writing a very impressive diary entry. He not only met all the steps to success but went over and beyond to include some wonderful adjectives to make his writing super great! Way to go Connor! Keep up the great work!

In his words……

Dear Diary,

Today was a great day. I was playing with my toys in my bedroom when suddenly out of nowhere a magic coin appeared. I was afraid to touch it. I decided to take it to school and put it in my pocket.

All of a sudden, I was teleported to Greece. I met someone called Orpheus. In his palace, he showed me a big slide that goes in to the water. What a brilliant day it was, incredible!


Presenting… Writer of the week!

We worked really hard at improving our writing skills a few weeks ago. All of us in Ash turned in some really inspired pieces of writing. The prize on offer was being nominated as “The Writer of the Week” – and after a lot of careful deliberation, the child chosen was…. (drum roll)…. Phoebe!

Congratulations! We look forward to more wonderful work from you! Keep up the brilliant work.