Can we talk to you about the River Can?

Year 3 used map reading skills to walk from the school to Admirals park to complete activities based on the River Can, a tributary to the River Chelmer. We sketched a view of the river, attempted to measure the velocity and also analysed a cross section of the river. We discussed that parts of the river do not go at the same speed and that it depends on where the river meanders and how much sediment and rocks are in the water.


The children had a great time viewing the river and observing what they have learnt in their Geography lessons.


Chasing Chelmer and tracking tributaries

In Geography, Aspen were using Digimaps to find all of the tributaries that flow into the River Chelmer from it’s source all the way through to it’s mouth. Tributaries are streams that flow into a larger stream or river.

‘Digimap was helpful to find all of the tribuataries of the River Chelmer.’

‘Digimap was clear with it’s colours, as we knew we had to follow a blue line to follow the river.’

‘I found it complicated with all of the grid lines on the map.’

Digimaps is a great resource and Year 3 are excited to get better at reading maps and following directions.



River basin building

Year 3 gathered in the hall on Monday to the surprise of boxes, tissue paper and glue. Children were challenged to create a river basin that shows the source and mouth and other features in between. The children demonstrated terrific teamwork, sublime sculpting and great geography knowledge.

Can you identify the river features from their basin models?