Polish Food Tasting

On Thursday 22nd June, it was Cultural day across LMPS! In Ash class we enjoyed learning about Poland and getting to try some delicious food. A big thank you to  Mrs Bombik for coming to talk to our class and bringing in some tasty authentic polish food! What was your favourite  thing you tasted? 

Chinese Fans!

In Year 3 and 4 for Cultural Day, we had a go at making traditional Chinese fans. We looked at why people in China had fans and then we used a paper plate, felt tip pens and tissue paper to create a cherry blossom design. Everyone worked exceptionally hard and all the fans looked AMAZING!

Balloon Rockets!

In Year 3, we have been testing the power of air in Science and DT. We made balloon rockets and investigated how we could make our rockets travel further. To make a balloon rocket you need: a straw, some string, a balloon, sellotape and 2 sturdy places to tie your string to! It was a really fun experiment and it was very funny trying to blow up the balloons!

Wonderful Writing

In Literacy this week we have been writing a setting description using a picture stimulus. Fathemi from Aspen class has written an exciting setting description using super adjectives and adverbs, great sentence openers and even a simile! Well done Fathemi, superb writing!