An inspiring visit…

Today we are lucky enough to be visited by Sue Hampton, an author! We had an interesting assembly and also participated in an inspirational workshop! During the visit, we learnt more about the condition alopecia as well as learning some tips and hints on how to become fantastic story writers! What was your favourite part? 

Testing Time…

In Maths, we have been looking at telling the time and recording and comparing time. In this lesson we had to time how long it took us to do different activities. We mostly did this in seconds but some activities took over a minute! Can you remember how many seconds in a minute?




Flamboyant Flowers!

In Aspen we have had a go at making our own 3D flowers, making sure we included flower features such as the stem, petals and stamen. We used a range of different materials to construct our flowers and we all used bright, colourful paper to make them attractive! All the flowers looked fantastic!


Demo Day!

On Thursday afternoon Year 3 had lots of fun trying out mini Science experiments using simple objects you could find at home! We explored:

  • Sound vibrations by tapping mugs
  • Static electricity by making paper and straws move without touching them
  • Musical sounds by making an instrument out of paper

We all thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon and learnt a lot about Science and how fun simple experiments can be!

Which experiment did you like? Miss Caldwell’s favourite was trying to making the straw spin by using static electricity!

World Book Day!

Year 3 had a fantastic World Book Day dressing up a Dick King Smith characters! We wrote our own play scripts about using the book ‘Omnibombulator’and designed our own book covers! Also we went and read to Reception! Well done to all Year 3s who made a super effort dressing up! You all looked amazing!



CSI: Lawford Mead

This half term, our topic is Plants! In this lesson we had to be crime scene investigators when some poor plants were attacked!

The plants were no longer alive but why? What does each part of the plant do? How does each part keep the whole plant alive? What new thing did you find out?