Aspen’s clay pots!

For our Design and Technology unit, we have been using clay to make our own clay pots, similar to those used during the Stone Age. When making our pots, we used the techniques practiced in the last lesson. Everyone worked incredibly hard making their pots and they look fantastic!

IMG_6147   IMG_6152   IMG_6169   IMG_6176

IMG_6184             IMG_6198          IMG_6211

Den Building!

In Muddy Adventures we had a ‘den-off’ where the boys and girls competed to see who could make the best den!

Miss Lindsay and Miss Caldwell saw some fantastic designs and incredible teamwork from the boys and the girls!

It was a very tough decision, but the girls did win the den challenge!

IMG_6061           IMG_6057          IMG_6062

IMG_6064          IMG_6067       IMG_6059

Practice with Play-Doh

In preparation for when we use clay, in Year 3 we have been practicing using play-doh to create pots. We looked at the sausage technique by rolling out our material, then winding it into a spiral shape and pressing the edges together. We had lots of fun as well as some great practice! I’m sure when we use the clay, our pots will look fantastic!                      IMG_6032 IMG_6034 IMG_6035 IMG_6036

IMG_3890 IMG_3878 IMG_3881 IMG_3884

Stone Age Cave Paintings!

This week in History Ash and Aspen have been learning about cave paintings created by Stone Age people. We studied real examples and then had a go a drawing our own using charcoal and chalk!

IMG_6043          IMG_6039         IMG_6038

IMG_6037           IMG_6042        IMG_6041


What did you draw in your own cave painting?


Rocking around…

In Science, we have been exploring rocks! We looked at them closely, studied them through magnifying glasses, felt them and described them. After, we compared rocks and sorted them into different groups.

img_3851 img_3853 img_3856 img_3865 img_3867 img_3844

 Can you remember the names of any of these rocks?

Computer Networks

This week in Computing we have been learning about computer networks. We discussed our school network and went on a ‘network hunt’. These are some important things we found that are part of our computer network:


The switch 


The router (connects to our ISP)


Our school server

What can you remember about these important devices in our school network?