Pizza Making!

As part of our healthy diet and nutrition work in D and T and Science, we have been making pizzas! We were able to choose our toppings to create our pizzas and even had a go at using a pizza slice and a cheese grater! All the pizzas looked fantastic and tasted delicious!

img_0174 img_0186 img_0217 img_0250           img_0243    img_0356    img_0379

Writers of the Week

This week we have been working in pairs to create free verse poetry. Mason and Frankie worked together to create an amazing poem. I was particularly proud of Mason for his improvement in handwriting. This is the first bit of joined handwriting he has done in Literacy! Well done Mason and Frankie!



Marvelous Muscles

In Science, we have been learning about muscles and how they help us move. As part of the lesson we create a model of a muscle.

img_3783 img_3785 img_3786 img_3788 img_3789

When a muscle pulls a bone, it becomes shorter. Can you remember what it is called when the muscle becomes shorter?

Science Day!

Last week, Year 3 were lucky enough to have a whole day of science activities! Our topic has been all about food and our bodies! As part of this day, we had a visit from the Braintree Musuem. They brought in lots of different historical objects that were used for food throughout history. Can you remember what any the objects were for?

img_3759 img_3761 img_3762 img_3764 img_3768 img_3776