A visit from google…

This afternoon we had a very special visitor from google!

They brought along one of their amazing inventions… the google cardboard:

Image result for google cardboard

The google cardboard works with a phone to send you into virtual reality! All you need is a virtual reality device like this one and the special google app:

Google expeditions 

During our expedition today we explored the Great Barrier Reef! We came up close with sharks, whales and manta-rays!

img_3699 img_3701 img_3717

Did you enjoy the visit from google?

What was your favourite part?

Coral Reef Collages!

Over this half term we have been studying the coral reefs! This afternoon we used all of our knowledge to create coral reef collages using a range of materials to create a 3D image! They look fantastic!

img_5770    img_5771   img_5772   img_5773 img_5774    img_5775   img_5776    img_5777 img_5778   img_5779   img_5780   img_5781

img_5782 img_5783 img_5784

Anti-Bullying Week

This week we have been discussing bullying, thinking about what bullying actually is and how we can help children who may be suffering. To show our support we have created posters with our pledges to show what we are going to do to stand up to bullying!

photo-1   photo-3  photo-2

img_3648 img_3653 img_3657

Wartime Food Tasting

As part of our learning about  Remembrance Day, we discussed what life was like during war. In class, we discussed what it would of been like in Britain and learned about rations. We then tasted some food that would have been around at the time.

img_3546 img_3562

img_3567 img_3576