Spotting Shadows!

Today in Science we have been exploring if opaque, translucent or transparent materials make the clearest shadows. We tested a range of different materials and compared the shadows they created. We managed to make some very interesting shadows! Who can remember which materials made the best shadows?                                                                                  img_5068          img_5069 img_5071  img_5070  img_5072

Mummification Madness

In Year 3 we are writing instruction texts on how to mummify a body! To understand what the Ancient Egyptians did, we practiced the mummification process on a teddy! We had lots of fun wrapping up teddies in bandages and covering them in cloth to represent what really happened thousands of years ago!

img_5052 img_5054  img_5060 img_5065

Writer of the Week

This week we have continued our imaginative writing. We have been imagining ourselves in different places and describing the setting we are in. One of our s2s was ambitious adjectives – Can you spot any in Josh T’s (Ash) fantastic writing?


Rolling around…

In P.E., we have been practicing our gymnastics skills! This week all of Year 3 grouped together to investigate different types of rolls. We all particularly liked the Teddy bear and James Bond rolls! In our groups, we then created routines to show off all of the skills we had learnt so far: balancing, travelling, jumping and rolling.

What do you enjoy most about Gymnastics?

 img_3383     img_3392

                                   img_3399     img_3395