Mirror Magic!

Today in Science we had a fantastic time exploring reflective materials and using these to make our own mirrors! We even tested them out to see which material made the best mirror!

img_4944                  img_4934 img_4950

img_4953                                                     img_4942

Did the material which you used make a good mirror? How could you make an even better mirror?

Miss Caldwell and Miss Middleton

Writers of the Week!

Last week, the writers of the week were Abigail (Aspen) and Molly (Ash) for writing fantastic descriptive paragraphs about Hiccup from How to Train your Dragon!

img_3332        img_3333


Well done Girls!

Mirror Magic!

In Year 3, we have been investigating and proving that light always travels in straight lines. We did this by creating mirror mazes, reflecting light back and forth.img_3323 img_3308    img_3316




What type of materials are most reflective? Can you remember how we see things?

Miss Middleton and Miss Caldwell

Wonderful Writing in Year 3!

This week in Literacy we have been writing Non-Chronological Reports about Egypt. In Ash and Aspen we have seen some FANTASTIC writing and here are 2 examples from Lenny (Ash) and Megan (Aspen)!

thumbnail_photo-2                         thumbnail_photo-1

What S2S can you spot?

Welcome Year 3s!

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Wow! What a busy first week back we have had in Ash and Aspen! We have loved hearing all of your exciting holiday news and seeing you start the new school year full of passion and energy! It has been fantastic to see how well you have all settled into Year 3 already and we cannot wait for the rest of the year!

Miss Caldwell and Miss Middleton