In Geography, Year 3 are studying the area of Snowdonia national park! We are looking at the physical and human geography of the area. We took some time to research the place and find interesting facts which we will make into our own e-books!


What interesting facts can you tell me about Snowdonia?

Would you like to visit there? Why?


Weighing it up!

This week in Maths, Year 3 have been measuring mass. We have learnt to estimate the mass of objects, measure mass accurately, compare and order objects in terms of mass and even to solve addition and subtraction problems that involve grams and kilograms.


Who can remember how many grams are in a kilogram?

Also here is a link to the game we were playing where you had to balance the scales:


Year 3’s Storytelling Workshop

On Thursday, we were lucky enough to be visited by a story teller!

We are told an amusing and interesting tale which originated from South America, all about a rabbit who was very vain. Some of the children even got to participate! We all agreed that he was very engaging to listen to and discussed how important it is to have expression when speaking and acting











What was your favourite part of the workshop?