Half term challenge

Hello year three I hope you have been enjoying your half term holiday? Have you remembered to practice your spellings and work on your Egyptian  projects? I know Miss Middleton and I have already set you homework but we need some canopic jars for our year group assembly. I wonder if any of you could take up the challenge of trying to make some for us as part of your Egyptian project?

Miss Davis

Here are a few ideas to get you started:


1425986053_11_Completed_jars canopic_jars_colouring_page 4cf754d3304d66fbe0d8c670e47a00ab Unpainted canopic jars

2 comments on “Half term challenge

  • Me and my mum have just made a mummy! She drew a picture of someone like tutu camoon it’s pretty good!

  • Maysam Zk says:

    It only took me 3 seconds to make my project but how do you make conopic jars and can’t wait for pyjama day


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