14 comments on “Learning about Muscles.

  • Mrs Baxter says:

    I would have really enjoyed being a part of your lesson because learning about how our bodies work fascinates me. I don’t know what it is called when your muscle gets shorter so if you remember will you let me know please?
    Mrs Baxter

  • Katrina says:

    The muscle conflects I think the
    Word is when you pick
    An object up.Conflects
    Means that the muscle
    Grows smaller

  • LJennings says:

    I can see you’ve been passionately learning about the human body this half term Ash! I love seeing photos of your fabulous practical Science work Year 3!

    What is the most interesting fact you learnt during your science lessons so far?

    Miss Jennings

  • lacy-jane says:

    When we mad our muscles i was really excited to see what mine would look like.This lesson was really fun cant wait for more.

    • HMiddleton says:

      There not supposed to be white Maysam but we used this model to show how a muscle works. The muscles gets shorter – contracts and then get longers – relaxes. All muscles work in pairs, when one contracts the other relaxes. This is how they move our bones.


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