Ash’s school councilors!

Well done to Elsie and Oliver for becoming our school council representatives. All the children who took part gave fantastic speeches and should feel very proud. We have been learning about democracy so we made sure our vote was fair. Everyone voted by writing on a piece of paper in secret. These votes were then counted by Miss Spragge.

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7 comments on “Ash’s school councilors!

  • EDearing says:

    Congratulations Elsie and Oliver, I will look forward to getting to know you better in our school council meetings. As the very first Lawford Mead Primary School Council we are in for a very big year and will have plenty to do. You both look very sensible and I am sure you will be fantastic role models to the rest of your class.
    Miss Dearing

    • Katrina says:

      Yep they have to go to meetings a lot probably but I did vote to be one but no
      But I’m still looking for something else more interesting

    • Katrina says:

      I’m happy they were school
      Councilers I did
      Want to be but
      I didn’t but It doesn’t
      Stop me from finding something
      One day I will find something
      That I’ll be proud to call me

  • Thanks every body for all the support . I’ve really been enjoying school council so far


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