Friday’s Learning (8th January).

well done good job GIF by Party Legends

Well done to all of Year 2 and all of your families. You have done a great job this week with home schooling!

It has been fantastic to see so many of you on zoom this week. From tomorrow if you can try to bring some paper and a pencil to the meeting so you can join in with some of the activities.


Today we are going to interpret pictograms. This means we are going to use the information recorded on a pictogram to answer questions. Remember to read the questions careful and check your answers.


We are going to look at a spelling pattern called homophones today. Homophone means words that sound the same but are spelt different and have different meanings. EG: blue and blew.


Sentence challenge: Look at the picture of the dragon can you think of some adjectives (describing words) and some verbs (action words) to describe it. Then your challenge is to use some of your adjectives and verbs to write sentences that describe the dragon.

Sick Sentences: Here are some sentences that are not very exciting. Your second challenge is to improve them. You may want to add in some of your adjectives or verbs from the first challenge.

Remember to focus on your capital letters, full stops and handwriting as well.

D&T: Build your own castle using your design from Monday if you have not already. It can be made out of any recycling you have at home, Lego, building blocks, paper or it could be a den using your own bedding. If you have already completed this then maybe you could write some labels for all the castle features you have included on your model. Or maybe you could do some more research about castles. You could choose to do some extra reading, go onto spelling shed or play some active games in your garden with your family.

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