Final Seesaw comments

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I can’t believe it is the end of the year! As Mr Pearson said earlier we really are so very proud of you all and how you have continued with your learning at home. You are all amazing! Also a massive thank you to your families for all the support they have given, printing out or writing out all the worksheets to support your learning and for sharing on our Seesaw app. You all deserve a massive break, have a super summer holiday.

Well done Jenson for completing the last of your work today. Mr Pearson said thank you for his lovely message and he will pass your message on to Mrs Saveall and Mrs Golledge. He said he has really enjoyed teaching you and is so very proud of how you have coped with your home learning. He would like to thank your family for all their support too. I have also enjoyed seeing what you have been up to and just to let you know I think you have beaten me with the height of your sunflowers. Mine aren’t quite as tall as yours. Keep your great positive learning attitude up, I know it will take you far. Have a lovely summer break.

Aarav, it has been an absolute pleasure to teach you this year and watch you grow in confidence. I am so very proud of your continued learning at home, your aspirations are outstanding. I love your thank you message, another amazing piece of art work, I think it is a lily? They are one of my favourite flowers. Thank you to your family as well for all the support they have given and writing out endless questions and diagrams. Remember to aim for the stars, I know you will catch them and be very successful. Have a lovely summer break, you deserve it!

Dryden, Mr Pearson has loved teaching you this year and is very proud of all your hard work you have been doing while at home. He would like to say thank you to your family for the support they have given you. He is loving the football kit by they way! Your passion for learning has been amazing, keep it up I know it will help you be successful. Have a lovely summer break.

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