Wednesday’s Seesaw comments

Nearly there guys, well done for keeping going!

Hi Jenson, wow that was a lot of maths today. I love how you coloured your clocks in to help you work out how many minutes had passed, great strategy. Well done for spotting all ten differences. I had to really look hard for some of them. I am loving your continued aspirations and passion for learning by completing some of the weekly home document as well.

Hi, Dryden, sorry to here some of your family have been poorly. Super impressed you have completed your work today! I think I agree with you about letting go of the sunflower just in case it wasn’t a nice place it took you to. Great maths work, lots of tricky questions there and well done for spotting all the differences.

Well done again today Henry, lots more maths work completed. I bet whoever draws all your maths questions out will be glad to finish this week! It looks like you were able to work out the duration of time, I love how you shaded section in on your clocks to help you. Beautiful drawing of a sunflower, sounds intriguing being taking to space by a sunflower. I wonder if this is why you would hold on to it.

Nearly there Aarav, you really have been so busy working from home, well done. Lots of tricky questions about the duration of time today, I don’t know about you but they really got me thinking. It looks like you got on great though. Outstanding drawing again today, I really have loved looking at all your art work, it always brightens up my day. You really do have a great skill there, make sure you keep it up. A budding artist in the making maybe? You never know I may be buying one of your draws someday!

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