Tuesday’s learning.

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Well done everyone for yesterday. I don’t know about you but those beaches we looked at yesterday looked very inviting!

Spelling: Today we are going to look at words that end in the (l) sound but are spelt either (el) or (le).

Task 1: Have a go at reading the different words. Remember to use your phonics knowledge to help you . Sort them into words that end in (el) and (le) on the grid and then draw a picture for each one to show their meaning.

Task 2: Complete each word by adding the correct ending. If you are not sure try both ways and decide which one looks the best. Can you find any other words that end in either (el) or (le)? Have a go at writing a few sentences that include these words or maybe see how many words you can include in one sentence.

EG: A camel and a little squirrel went round in a circle while they ate an apple but they fell into a puddle which made them giggle.

Maths: It’s measuring temperature today.

Click on the picture to access

English/Geography: This week we are going to be travel agents. Your challenge is to persuade people to visit one of the different country’s beaches we looked at yesterday. You will need to include the different human and physical features as part of your persuasive writing.

Today we are going to look at an example that you can download below. This example is trying to persuade people to visit a British seaside.

Read the example, what do you notice?

When writing persuasively you can use different sentence openers to help your argument. Have a look at the word mat below. Can you find any of these examples in the text. If so underline them.

Using expanded noun phrases can help the reader picture what you are tell them so are great to include.

EG: shimmering, salty sea. Can you find any other expanded nouns phrases (two adjectives describing a noun) in the text. If so underline them as well.

Now answer the question to help you find out more about writing a persuasive text.

PE: If you missed Joe Wicks work out yesterday have a go today.

Click on the picture to access.

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