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It’s the Friday dance!

So yesterday I was wishing people a relaxing weekend. I genuinely thought it was Friday yesterday. A shock this morning! I still want you to have a relaxed, enjoyable weekend but unfortunately you have to wait A LITTLE BIT longer. Sorry!

Another great day for learning. Let’s go!

Jenson, well done for giving the Maths challenges a go. I tried doing Question 1 with Year 1 and it was a really tricky question. If they all get harder as you move along, it must have been REALLY tricky! I hope you enjoyed crabbing – was it at Maldon?

Jerusha, thank you for retelling the story on our story map. Could you create a story map for the paddington story and retell that as best you can too? Well done for completing your Maths work as much as possible as well!

I love your Paddington story map, Jonathan. A really good attempt at the measurement challenges today. They were so tricky I thought. Great resilience. Well done! It looked like you and David had great fun in the paddling pool today.

Some super Maths and grammar work today, Laura. It’s great to see the brilliant work you are doing at home. Keep up the passion and resilience in your work and we look forward to seeing you next week.

Hi Aarav. I am impressed with your own story map and written story. I like the use of adjectives in your writing. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Well done for completing some of the Maths challenge today, Henry. I found them quite tricky today and my Year 1 group did also. Thanks for showing resilience and sharing your work with us today.

A well deserved SPOTW award for you, Riley. I got up at 6am to run but then the rain and storm came (I’ll find any excuse). I’m very impressed with the routine you and Liam have stuck to (and Mum/Dad too). Well done for completing your work today.

Some awesome work today, Alice. I like the videos you submit to show off your brilliant reading. Such a great way to share your great English work. Well done having a good go at the Maths challenges today.

Hi Logan. Well done for finishing off a brilliant week on a positive today. I’m glad you’re still enjoying the book. Have you almost finished it? Have a great weekend.

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  • Joanna Barnes says:

    We are crabbing at Mersea! It’s our fav place! We had to empty our buckets and start again as we caught so much! Have a great weekend!

    • Mr Pearson says:

      Amazing. I love it when a fishing trip is well worth it. I love Mersea. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, Jenson!


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