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We are very excited today – and soon you will find out why. BUT FIRST….seesaw shout outs!

Hello Laura, thank you for sharing your brilliant work from the last few days. You also get 10 dojos for your flags!

Of course you get 10 dojos, Bea. Well done for researching, drawing and colouring your flags. I hope you enjoyed the activity. Thank you for sharing your English as well.

I found your answers interesting, Dryden. How did Tim annoy the T-Rex? Well done for working on your times tables as well today.

Lamar, it’s lovely to hear from you! I’m so please you are learning about clocks and you have completed our flag challenge too. 10 dojos to you!

Another busy day for you, Logan. You seem secure with 5x tables now? Some excellent punctuation work today too.

Hi Jerusha. Well done for giving our work a good try today. Remember to write in full sentences when answering questions – it’s important to to write in full sentences in English. A great PE session as well today! I like all of your plants – maybe you could do some Science observing your plants and how they grow? If Mum and Dad let you, of course.

Well done for another good day today, Aarav. It’s great to see that you are engaging and enjoying your learning this week. Your Dinosaur theme park is an interesting design. I like the idea of staying in a safe hotel watching the dinosaurs. Like a dinosaur safari!

Hi Lois. I like how you were using lego for your maths. Did each piece represent 10? Your PE lesson looked good. We were lucky with the weather for you go outside – I got worried at one point today when it was cloudy.

Saskia, I like how you are using resources to help with your maths. Marble and toys to represent numbers. Well done for showing resilience with the challenge.

Tanvika, we’d love to hear some of these new words that you have learnt from your book. Thank you for sharing your Science work.

Henry, some more great work from you today. Keep it up! You are really secure with your numbers bonds to 100. Did numbers bonds to 10 help you?

Hey Jonathan! Lovely to hear from you again today. You are working really hard on your work. It’s great to see that you are using your tablet but also writing on paper to practise your handwriting and sentences!

Lots of work from you today, Jenson. I like how you use cubes to help solve the challenge. Which challenge was trickier, today or yesterday? You are secure with your number bonds to 100.

Hi Molly, thank you for sharing your English work today. I love how you created your own piece of writing to go with the picture!

Riley (and Liam). Who was the winner? One of my favourite games when growing up was racing sticks (or pooh sticks). Well done for completing your Maths and English work (even your own English task as well).

Alice, DinoWorld looks awesome! You’ve been really busy today completing English and all of the Maths activities. Your PE lesson looks tiring! Well done!

Hi Elias. Dino theme park looks cool. I’m sure the dinosaurs learnt their lesson after seeing the skeleton go over the waterfall…Well done for completing some Maths and English work today as well.

There are 3 pictures I cannot put a name to because there was no name on the posts. Could someone comment on the blog if you posted a picture of the strawberry plants and SCHOOL CAKE! I understand not putting a name in case you may have to share it with us…

Keep an eye out for the next blog post explaining why Miss Fretton and I are very excited today!

4 comments on “SeeSaw comments

  • Joanna Barnes says:

    The brother and sister challenge was much trickier! I have really enjoyed the maths this week.


    • Mr Pearson says:

      Now, I’m not sure if a pooh sticks is down to luck or skill…all in the choice of stick I think! There is a scientific/geography explanation of winning the game, but that makes it less fun!


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