Good morning, Year 2!

A great start to the morning with 6 posts already on SeeSaw. Please look below on the last seesaw post where I have commented on your posts so far.

I will continue to post comments today and tomorrow for the work you have submitted onto SeeSaw, so keep looking on this blog post to see them.

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I know a lot of your work is interactive using a screen. Please remember to take time to exercise and take a break from the screens every so often. Tomorrow I will make sure your learning is away from the screen and more active.

Thursday’s learning (2nd April)

Reading and Spelling shed

For your Maths lesson, Can you get 12 objects (Lego, pens, beads, cars, stones, teddies, pennies Etc)

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What is half of your objects? What is a ¼ of your objects? What is a third of your objects?

Can you repeat with 18 objects, 20 and 24 objects? Can you get a third or a ¼ of each of these amounts? Explain why/why not.

Remember to share your findings in the Seesaw app. There is a link to remind you of how to find half, quarter and third at the top of this post.

For your English lesson, read a fiction book or your school reading book.

As you read, note down all the nouns you can find. Can you think of adjectives that describe each noun? Can you then use these adjectives and nouns to write expanded noun phrases? CHALLENGE: Can you write sentences including these?

Spelling: Spelling shed hub – you will need to download the app. You will have your log in in your reading record.

For your History lesson today, we want you to design your own castle. You can draw this or make it out of cardboard/materials (you can do both if you want). Once you have designed and created it, can you label the parts of your castle?

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