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Aarav, thank you for sharing all of your work from this week. Some great Maths work using dinosaurs to help you. I’ve not read the ‘Storie Treehouse series’ but I am glad you are enjoying it. I always choose the books that make me laugh. Well done for completing the Geography sheet. How did you research the cities you didn’t know? Some great English work this week too!

Rebecca, thank you for your voice message today. I miss all of you too. I’m sure your friends feel the same. Remember you can leave messages on the blog. Also, if parents have phone numbers or email address of other parents, maybe you could video chat eachother or keep in touch somehow? Thanks for sharing your spellings and your Geography work.

I love your interactive globe, Jenson. What a great way to learn information about all of the countries. Some super work again with Maths and English today! Some more mystery solving for you today as well. I never trusted Happy!

Jess, it’s great to hear from you and see what you have been up to. Your plant picture diary is a great visual way of showing the stages of plants. It will be great to see how each of your seeds grow. Are you putting them in different places or keeping them all in one place?

Hi Bea, some more great work from you today. You have worked very hard on your Maths lessons.

Showing great progress with your length work in Maths, Alice. Good use of your Barbies to help you. How did you find out all of the capital cities? Did you know some of them before you researched them?

Jerusha, it’s great to see all of your work from today. I really like your sentences, especially the one where the animals played in the garden because it was sunny. If only it was sunny today!

Lovely to see what you’ve been up to today, Jonathan. How did you research the capital cities? Did you use the internet? A globe? A world map? A brilliant attempt at your sentences too.

Hi Lois. A great use of the world map to help with locating the countries of Europe. Does that map tell you the capital cities as well? I might need to get one of those for our classrooms when we are all back. Some great sentences from you today as well. I hope you told your family the difference between coordinating and subordinating conjunctions and the puppy let you get on with your work, just for a little while?

Lots of Maths work from you today, Riley. I hope you kept out of the puddles today? I tried to avoid them today on my run but still got soaked in all of this rain!

Thank you for sharing your Geography and English work today, Isabel. It’s great to hear that you and your sisters are working hard and motivated at home to keep on learning.

Sophia (or is it Alice in Wonderland today?), you have worked really hard today. Does your globe tell your the capital cities as well? I really need to get a new map and globe for our classrooms! Well done for showing resilience with your Maths today!

Kaysey, well done for completing all of the capital cities of the European countries. How did you find them all? I enjoyed reading your sentences as well. Excellent use of conjunctions to add extra information!

I am still looking for the invitation creator from yesterday as well as a piece of work from today. It’s a small lined sheet of paper with Geography work and English sentences. Please comment on the blog so I can give you the credit you deserve for such brilliant work!

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