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What a busy day you’ve all had. With rubbish weather, sometimes it can get you down and you just want to sit in front of the TV, but it’s great that so many of you are showing resilience and continuing with your learning when you can. If you did sit in front of the TV today, that’s fine too. As long as you are healthy and happy, at the moment, that is what is important to us. Remember to say a big thank you to parents, siblings, grandparents, aunties, uncles and whoever is helping you with your learning and looking after you. They are doing a superb job and so are you!

How to Prepare a Vote of Thanks and Deliver with Confidence ...

Your walk this morning was very educational and a great way to apply your knowledge on plants, Bea. I agree that with less pollution, we might see healthier plants. I wonder if we could prove this somehow?

Well done on SpellingShed, Rebecca. Remember to keep working on those words we’re not quite getting yet. It’s good to see that you are working on your spellings using the apps we have at school. Thank you for sharing your answers to the questions for RE.

What superb learning you are doing today, Logan. You are making super progress with telling the time. You have completed spelling practice, times tables and given reading a tricky story with new words a good go. Thank you for answering your Ramadan questions. I can confirm they are all correct. What did you use to research your answers? Mrs P hasn’t taught me to use the hoover yet – I’m currently working on learning about the the washing machine…It’s not just school work we can learn at home, hey!

Great work with our Maths lesson today Alice. Its brilliant to see so many of you engaging with the work we are setting on the blog. If you find any brilliant apps or resources, please share them so we can help others with their home learning too. Your PE lesson looked fun. Maybe you could include your balloons at your Eid party you have invited us all to?

Tegan, it’s great to hear from you and see the work you have done for our Science work. I love you picture demonstrating what plants need to grow. I also liked the rainbow you included in your picture.

Well done for engaging in your Maths work today, Jerusha. It’s great to see you working hard this week! Thank you for your invite to the Eid celebration and well done for answering all the questions linked to Ramadan.

Sophia, you have worked so hard today. Some great Maths work, showing some brilliant handwriting when answering your questions and using some impressive art skills to create your invitation.

Riley, your Mum sounds thrilled that you got soaking wet in the garden and were aiming for all the puddles on your scooter today. I hope you dried and warmed up before completing your RE questions and completed your Science and Maths work.

Some super Maths work from you today, Kaysey. Great to see you are working hard at home!

Thank you for the invite to your Eid party, Molly. I look forward to all the food, games and prizes!

Did you find out who stole the medal, Jenson? I’m impressed with your seesaw skills – how do you record yourself over a picture? A great use of stickers and colour to make your invite to you Eid party. Well done on completing your Science and English work as well. All in a days work of a detective 😉

Jonathan, you have been really busy today! Some super Maths work linked to fractions, a fantastic labelled drawing showing your sunflower progress and answering all of the questions for RE.

Joshua, some brilliant Maths work from you today. You have worked really hard.

Thank you for invite to your Eid celebration, Dryden. Please save some sweets and food for me and Miss Fretton! Thank you for sharing your hard work in Maths and RE too.

There is one Eid invite that doesn’t have a name on it. It has used some bright star post it notes. I’d love to know whose it is so I can share it on Friday. Can you comment on this blog post to let me know? Thanks.

2 comments on “SeeSaw comments

  • Joanna Barnes says:

    You can add a caption which can be voice, typed etc! We are still learning how to do new things on it! Thank you for all the super work and keeping us positive!

  • Suzanne says:

    I feel proud of Lawford Mead staff and all the amazing effort they are putting in to keep us updated and motivated and encouraged to do what we can. So Thank You Lawford Mead, keep doing what you’re doing.


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