Wednesday’s learning (29th April)

It was originally going to be Geography today but we have Science and RE to cover with our sunflower catch up and questions from yesterday’s book. So today’s learning is PE, Maths, Science and RE.


Click on the picture to go to PE with Joe


The beauty of White Rose Hub Maths lessons is that you can pick and choose which lesson you want to do. You can follow the lessons we give or you can choose your own lesson. If you find the lessons too tricky, click here to recap learning from year 1 before moving onto year 2 objectives


Day 4

Draw an observational picture of the sunflower.

Use Miss Fretton’s photographs to help you draw and write the next day of your diary. What do you notice? What has happened? How tall is the shoot?


The questions you asked and answered using the story from Monday were fantastic. I have collated some of the questions for you to research and answer. Remember to write in full sentences.

  1. What is Ramadan?
  2. When is Ramadan?
  3. What does Eid Al-Fitr mean? When do Muslims celebrate Eid Al-Fitr this year?
  4. Do Muslims do the Maghrib prayer all the time or only during Ramadan?
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Once you have answered the questions, you could create an invite inviting friends to an Eid celebration. Include what you are celebrating, what will be at the celebration and who will be at the celebration. We will share as many invites on the blog as possible. Please submit your invites onto SeeSaw by Thursday evening so I can share them on Friday’s blog post.

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