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Bea, Dryden and Riley, we are impressed with your resilience with telling the time and pleased you are making progress with it.

Jenson, Alice, Logan, Riley, Jonathan I have really enjoyed reading your questions and your answers. Some great ways of finding out the answers to your questions. Remember, you don’t always have to use the internet, it is good to use books or to ask others to help find out information.

A brilliant attempt at our grammar activity today Alice, Jonathan, Joshua, Dryden, Bea, Riley and Molly. Some super sentences written by you all.

I can see you have worked hard today, Lois. A great attempt at the challenge…how many goes did you have at trying to do it?

I am really enjoying seeing all of your different ways of getting active. Bea is walking today, Jenson has practiced his archery skills and Alice has completed some cosmic yoga. Remember, the work and activities we post on the blog are just ideas. If you have other activities that you enjoy and want to try, please do. We love to see the imaginative and exciting ways you are keeping active.

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