Meeting our heroes and idols

During class reflection this week, Birch discussed what it would be like to meet our heroes and idols. We discussed who we looked up to and who we aspired to be like and then discussed what we would say or do if we ever met them.

This discussion was inspired by Cori Gauff (Coco). The 15 year old American tennis player was due to play against fellow American, Venus Williams, the 39 year old tennis champion and legend. We wondered what ‘Coco’ would say or do when she met Venus. Would she be nervous? Excited?

Some of us wanted to meet the Queen and ask her why she always wore gloves, others wanted to meet Cristiano Ronaldo and ask him to teach as a few football tricks.

Cori Gauff defeated her idol, Venus Willams, in round 1 of Wimbledon!

It turns out Coco wasn’t worried or nervous at all and knocked her opponent out in straight sets. WELL DONE COCO!

One comment on “Meeting our heroes and idols

  • Mr Pearson says:

    Other children wanted to meet:
    ‘George Ezra – I always listen to his songs and would say ‘I would like to be in one of your songs!’
    ‘Little Mix – I listen to their songs everyday after school and would say ‘I love their music!’
    ‘David Walliams – I always read his books and I would say ‘Could I be in one of his stories?’


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