Seesaw comments 18.5.20

So much great work today and so many lovely ideas for your creative writing task! Let’s hope we will all be able to go to the places we are dreaming of soon!

Adele – Another day of excellent work! It’s lovely to see you working so well with your sister, I hope you enjoyed the trifle it looks delicious! Sorry I made a mistake with the spelling shed logins, I will try my best to get them to you somehow!

Alex – Lovely treasure map and writing today – I, too would love to go to the Caribbean and find some treasure! Well done for your great maths work too!

Allira – Super maths and English work today, well done! It seems like you’re doing really well with numbers to 100 and even wrote a sentence to explain how you worked it out, wow!

Sonny – Your ideas for where you would like to go are making me dream of holidays! I would LOVE to go back to Disney World too, and I’m sure Miss Webster would too! Excellent video as well today.

Amelia – Well done for completing all your maths work and for getting your spellings right! Great effort!

Sadie – Reading comprehension in the garden – I like your style! Well done for completing all your work and what a lovely idea to see the animals in Kenya, it sounds amazing!

Xander – Great work again today, well done. I really like how you are practising writing your days of the week by writing the date each day! Your dream trip to New Zealand sounds very exciting!

Elodie – Lots of great maths work, I can see you’ve really got the hang of addition! Also, look at your super handwriting, going so carefully in the lines?! Wow I can see you’ve tried really hard!

Katie – It’s great to hear you have been doing such amazing reading and maths, it sounds like you have been showing passion for your learning! I am really enjoying seeing what you have been up to, perhaps you might prefer to write a short diary each day to tell me what you have been doing? Or if you wanted to write some questions to me I could answer them on the blog? Or maybe you could write me a joke each day? I’m really looking forward to seeing your writing, I know how amazing it can be!

Jake – I love your idea of flying to America, that sounds like so much fun! Well done for remembering your continents, I can tell you have been practising our continents song!

Fabien – Lots of great work in English, maths and geography today and an excellent picture! Your idea of going to Spain sounds incredible, I would also eat lots of french fries, yummy!

There was some great maths work done in an activity book as well today, well done if that was you! Please try to remember to put your name on each thing you upload so we can tell you how proud we are!

Spelling shed logins

We have been asked about spelling shed logins so thought it would be best to post on here for all to see! All children in Year 1 have their own spelling shed account where they can practise spellings in a fun way with lots of games and activities. There is a spelling shed app which we use at school but it can also be accessed online. Here is the website:

Once on the website click ‘Sign in’ (It’s a yellow box in the top right hand corner) and enter log in details.

All children had their logins sellotaped into the front/back cover of their reading diary. Hopefully you still have them! If not, unfortunately we don’t have access to them remotely as they are at school but we will be able to access them once we are back in school!

Hope this helps! 🙂

Monday’s learning

English- Creative writing! Can you write some wonderful sentences about where you would go if you could get on this plane and why would you want to go? Remember to make your sentences exciting. Maybe you could include some adjectives to describe the place you would go? perhaps a joining word such as ‘because’ to explain your reasons for going there. We can’t wait to read your creative writing pieces!


Counting to 100. Use the pictures to help you answer the questions about counting within 100.
Geography- Can you remember all the 7 continents? Here is the song to help you if you have forgotten:   Explore one of the continents, Asia!

Challenge: Create a poster of leaflet with what you have learnt about Asia!

Seesaw comments from Friday!

Hello everyone. another week of learning but before that, here are the mentions for all that great work you have posted. Just to remind you all to write your name when you post so we can mention and celebrate your efforts.

Adele- What a lovely english letter to Miss Abbott. I am sure she enjoyed reading it!

Jake- Your letter to Dr James was really lovely. It seems you are very thankful for all his work he is doing to make people better. And fantastic hand writing too!

Sadie- What an awesome obstacle course, I really liked the hopskotch! And great work on the Grammar hammer and mathletics too!

Allira- Your thank you letter was very colourful and made me smile. I am sure Sonny’s mummy would be very grateful. It was lovely to see the videos of your fantastic obstacle course, and you even got mummy to have a go too!

Fabien- I liked your obstacle course. I especially liked the swingball part at the end. That used to be my favourite game! Really well done for your PE but also the other fantastic work you are doing at home.

Sonny- What a lovely letter to the postman. I can imagine that it is very exciting when he delivers your games! I cant wait to hear all about your game deliveries! Your handwriting was absolutely beautiful! Well done.

James- Your obstacle course looked great and its lovely that you are doing it with Lily. I am sure you had lots of fun making it up. Well done, James.

Millie – Mae- I am so sorry that you have hurt yourself! It was lovely to see a picture of you smiling with your cast and being super brave like the Millie Mae we know! Sending lots of hugs and well wishes to you.

Elodie- Thank you for our letter (great handwriting too!) You are very welcome, we love posting home learning and seeing all your great work that you post. I like that you even used an exclamation mark. Wow!

Friday’s work 15.5.20

It’s Friday again already! Here’s your work:

English – Write a thank you letter to a key worker within the community. What are you grateful for at this time? What are the key workers doing to make sure that we are safe? It may be a nurse, a shop assistant, a teacher, a doctor, a post man. What would you like to thank them for and why?

Thank you NHS and all the key workers Sticker, Self-adhesive vinyl ...

PE – Design and make an obstacle course in your house or in the garden. How long does it take to complete? Can you race with someone in your family?

RE – Introduction to Judaism. Head over to BBC Bitesize for an introduction to Judaism.

Watch the videos, read the information and have a go at the activity.

Seesaw comments 14.5.20

More outstanding work on Seesaw today! 🙂 It’s great to see you still going with this work and please say a huge thank you to all your adults for all their help and support!

Allira – Great maths work and a score of 50/50 well done! I love how you used ‘and’ to extend your sentence!

Adele – Super creative writing story using lots of adjectives, well done! Amazing maths and DT work, I hope you enjoy playing your board game!

Michael – Lots of great maths and English work and your story is very impressive! Your writing is coming along so well!

Tommy M – Wow! So many adjectives in your story and some great work on clocks, well done!

Elodie – Amazing work today! Well done for improving your story and all your work on clocks. I am especially impressed by your board game, that looks so fun!

Jake – A lovely story, although it sounds very scary! Well done for you work on clocks too!

Xander – Wow your writing is really coming on well done! A great story and some excellent maths work!

Fabien – Lots of great work again, super clock work and an interesting story. Well done for including ‘suddenly’ in your story!

Thursday’s learning!

Are you ready to put some more smiles on Miss Webster’s and Miss Abbott’s faces and fill us with pride all over again? Well done to you all for your continuous hard work that you are doing at home. It is not easy having to do school work in a place that is usually a time for you relax and play so we are unbelievably proud of you children for adapting and still showing passion for your learning. Here are the activities for today:

English –

Look at the photo of the wooden bridge. Write some interesting sentences about the picture. It may be a poem, a description or a story.   Things to consider: How did you get to the bridge? What is over the bridge? What adventure will the bridge lead you to? Do you meet someone or something on the bridge?


Week 3, lesson 4: Draw the hands on the clock to show the time underneath.

DT- Can you make a board game and play it with your family members? You can make up the rules and design your board however you wish. Will you have counters? Will you have teams? Will you have to answer questions? Or do you just simply move around the board and race to the finish?  You may even want to create a theme for your game. Spend this time with your loved ones having fun and playing your new game! We are looking forward to seeing your cool games on seesaw.