Happy half term!

Happy half-term! โ€“ French at Eagley

As next week is half term, we won’t be adding any more to the blogs for the week. We think you have all worked extremely hard and definitely deserve a rest! We want to say a really, super, huge, ginormous well done to all the children showing our school values by completing school work, helping their adults around the house, showing the kindness we always see at school and always doing their best! We are immensely proud of all of you but it couldn’t be done without your adults helping us and you so a huge thank you to them too!

Enjoy your half term, stay safe and we look forward to seeing what you have been doing very soon!

Miss Abbott and Miss Webster xx

Seesaw comments 22.5.20

Wow lots of amazing work again on Seesaw despite the beautiful weather, you should be very proud of yourselves!

Adele – Yet another day of super work, you are showing our school values every single day and I call tell how much passion you are putting into your work! I look forward to seeing what you have been up to every day and you always make me so proud! Well done!

Elodie – You are a great role model, Elodie, and I’m sure your sister looks up to you with all the fabulous work you have been doing! Excellent work spotting those digraphs, you found so many! Super science work too, I hope you enjoyed this as much as the last science activity!

Fabien – Wow you have done lots of work again today! You have been putting so much effort into your work every day, I’m especially impressed with how many animals you put into your science work today! Well done you should be very proud of yourself! (P.S I’m going to look for that book I think I know a few others that would enjoy it too!)

Katie – So much work again today Katie, well done! All 6 pages came through perfectly (sorry there’s not a quicker way for me to get back to you) and I am very proud of everything you have been doing! You have been working very hard and I am really looking forward to hearing you read again after all your practise!

Friday’s PE and extra science

For PE, have a go at moving like the animals below. Can you make a sequence by linking some moves together?

Link to science – think about what type of animal each one is and how you know. Think about where they live, what they eat and what their physical features are like e.g. does it have fur? claws? webbed feet?

There are some extra science activities to have a go at underneath!

Image preview

Write the name for each body part that the arrows are pointing to:

Friday’s learning 22.5.20

Another glorious day of sunshine AND some more amazing work hopefully! Here are your activities for today:


Read the story and circle or underline all the digraphs and trigraphs you can see. Remember: digraphs are sounds made by two letters together like er, ng, ch and sh. Trigraphs are sounds made by three letters together like ear and air.

Maths- Use the pictures to help you answer the questions. Today we are asking you to find one more and one less than these numbers. Once you have done this activity, Perhaps you can try and make your own number and find one more and one less. Roll the dice twice to get your 2 digit number and write it down in the middle of your paper. Can you write the number that is one less and write it to the left of your number and then write one more to the right like this:

My number I have made is 64 so … 63 64 65

Seesaw comments 21.5.20

What a lovely sunny day it has been ! And seeing your work on seesaw has made it even better! You are all continuing to work so incredibly hard and we really are so proud of you.

Arthur- Your letter to me about reading the Harry potter audio books really made me smile! That is amazing that you have finished ALL of them now! Your classroom at home looks wonderful and I really enjoyed your tour of it. I am looking forward to seeing more of this fantastic work. Well done for that beautiful writing too.

Allira- your patterns were really lovely! I like how you used lots of different colours too. I think my favourite one was the last one as it really made me think about what would come next! I am also very pleased to hear that you enjoyed the phonics and maths games.

Katie- Great maths work today. I like that you wrote the numbers next to the dienes to help you compare them. You did some great counting! It also looked like you had lots of fun printing with apples. I like the colours you have used too.

Elodie- It was lovely to see the picture of you working hard with your art activity. How exciting that you have got caterpillars! I do hope you keep us updated with pictures on seesaw so we can share the excitement with you!

Adele- Adele it was really lovely to read your story that you created. Yikes! Those giants sound terrifying but what a great idea you had to help save the fairies! I could really tell you have used your great imagination for that story. And another well done for your maths work that you have done today too.

Tommy M- I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed your phonics today. That alien game sure is fun! I am sure your phonics is getting better each time you practice.

Sadie- It was lovely to see you not only reading your tricky words so beautifully but also showing independence when reading the instructions too! I was super impressed that you knew those words! Well done for also showing resilience with your maths work. That was great comparing of those big numbers!

Thursday’s work 21.5.20

It looks like it’s going to be another hot, sunny day! Enjoy it and keep safe! ๐Ÿ™‚

English – Have a go at some fun phonics activities today! Feel free to explore the website and find other games too.

Phase 3 โ€“ Practise sounding out your phase 3 sounds with this flash cards time trial. Your adult will need to click the tick or cross to say if you got each one right. https://www.phonicsbloom.com/uk/game/flash-cards-time-trial?phase=3 ย 
Phase 3 โ€“ Help the alien escape by clicking on the letters to spell the word in the picture. https://www.phonicsbloom.com/uk/game/alien-escape?phase=3 ย 
Phase 5 โ€“ You can choose whether to have decodable words, tricky words or both! Sound out the words to an adult: https://www.phonicsbloom.com/uk/game/tricky-trucks?phase=5 ย 
Phase 5 – Read the yetiโ€™s question and choose the correct answer (yes or no) and if you are right the penguin will cross the bridge! https://www.phonicsbloom.com/uk/game/yes-no-yeti?phase=5

Maths – We are practising ordering numbers to 100. Have a go at the activities below. Then, if you have a dice, roll your dice twice to give you a 2 digit number (e.g. if I roll a 6 then a 2 my number is 62). Repeat 3 times to give you 3 numbers, then write the numbers out in order from smallest to greatest. If you don’t have a dice you could write the numbers 1-9 on scrap pieces of paper, turn them upside down and choose them at random. See how many times you can order numbers! You could challenge yourself by ordering 4 different 2-digit numbers!

Art – Create a repeating pattern using objects you have at home. You could draw round some objects, stick them down, use them to print or stamp with ink/paint but remember to repeat your pattern on your paper. Here are some ideas:

This is one made of natural objects:

This one has been done by printing a pear!

Seesaw comments 20.5.20

We hope you all got to (safely) enjoy the sun today and well done if you managed to do some work as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lots of you helped me to improve my story, I’ll try to focus better next time! Thank you for your help!

Katie – Sorry we missed you off our comments yesterday! Your work has been coming through perfectly and well done for everything you have been doing! Your pizzas look yummy, I hope you enjoyed them!

Tommy M – Great maths and PSHE work, well done! I love that you wrote sentences in your PSHE work!

Allira – Thank you for making my story better and helping me with my capital letters and full stops! Lots of English, maths and PSHE work as well, great job!

Adele – Super maths and thank you for helping me put the capital letters and full stops into my story! I love that you drew all your PSHE ideas too, well done!

Sonny – You have done so much very neat work, well done! PSHE, science and maths you have been very busy!

Sadie – Well done for doing all those maths activities, good job it looks very tricky!

Elodie – Wow! I am so impressed with all your work – so much maths completed and you have even written sentences to explain how you worked out your answers. You also wrote out my whole story and made it much better, thank you!

Wednesday’s learning!

Let’s have another great day of your awesome work guys! You are all working so hard. Here are your activities for today:


Uh oh! Miss Abbott has written a story but she was feeling very sleepy and has forgotten some of her punctuation and correct spellings! Can you help her by correcting her story?

HINT: Check capital letters, full stops and spellings. Remember we need a capital letter for these thingsโ€ฆ

M โ€“ months and days of the week

I โ€“ the word I

N โ€“ names (of people and places)

T โ€“ titles (e.g. Mr, Mrs, Dr)

S โ€“ Start of a sentence

One sunny sataday in june, three children called sandy, ben and tilly went to the park  They saw a giant slide and a blue swing. suddenly, sandy felt very excited and quickly ran to have a turn on the slide but wen she got to the top of the steps she was too scared Ben shouted to her to go down. Sandy was not feeling very brave until tilly called out and sed go on sandy you can do it! Shee zoomed down the slide with a big smile on her face and she never felt frightened on the slide agen

Maths- Use the pictures to help you answer the questions about comparing numbers.

PSHE- Healthy me- Can you look at the statements at the bottom of the grid and sort them into healthy choices and unhealthy choices? You can either print this sheet or have a go at writing it in your own grid! Can you draw some pictures to go with the statements?

Fruits and Veggies Health Pack! (With images) | Health lesson ...

Seesaw comments 19.5.20

Allira- It was lovely to see your little visit to the duck pond. The ducklings looked really cute. Well done for writing about what you saw. I enjoyed learning a fact about baby swans. I also loved your fabulous science work!

Fabien- Well done for working hard on spelling shed. I am really proud of you. You also did some great work on sorting animals too!

Sadie- Your workbook looks fab! Well done for answering some questions about a text. That is very good practice for year 2!

Elodie- Great job with your science of sorting those animals. Its great to hear that you were able to talk about your learning too.

Tommy M- It was lovely to see your wonderful work in your english and maths activities. That was some great partitioning!

Xander- Well done for your reading comprehension task. You have really paid attention when reading the text.

Adele- It was lovely to see your fantastic science work. You sure know what these animals have in common!

Tuesday’s work 19.5.20

Keep going with your work, you are all doing so well! Here are Tuesday’s activities! Hope you enjoy them!

English – Reading comprehension.

Read the text and have a go at the questions underneath.

Maths – Carry on practising your numbers to 100 partitioning them.

Science – Learn about different kinds of animals! Follow the link to watch some videos and have a go at the activities: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zfgc92p

There are some more activities here: