Paws, Claws and Whiskers

To get us excited about our topic we met some small animals, who had come in to our school for a visit. We will be learning about different types of animals, including those with paws, claws and whiskers, and will be learning to classify them in different ways.

Lucy from Zoolab, brought in some creepy crawly animals, we got to touch and hold some of them.

George was one of favourites, he was a corn snake and his scales felt soft and warm. We felt the slimy foot and hard shell of a giant African land snail. We let Stumpy the millipede walk along the backs of our hands to feel his 250 tickly legs. Finally we looked at Zelda the tarantula, she has tiny hairs all over her body which are very delicate, so we couldn’t touch her.

We found out that when you look very, very close up at a spiders foot, it does look a bit like a paw and has a small claw like hook that it uses for climbing! (Spiders feet are surprisingly cute – look them up and see if you agree.)

Writer of the Week

This week year 1 were proud to announce two writers of the week.

William has been working hard on using finger spaces when writing sentences.

Millie wrote a fabulous persuasive advert, including exciting adjectives and some great conjunctions to extend her sentences.

Well done, we love to read your super writing and seeing you make progress.

Exciting post!

Today we got a lovely surprise from the LMPS postman. An envelope from Kensington Palace!

Last term we wrote letters to members of the royal family, learning how to formally address different members of the royal family and using our most polite language.

Some of us chose to write to Harry and Meghan to congratulate them on the news that they are expecting their first child.

Inside the envelope was a letter from the secretary to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Harry and Meghan). Our replies included a letter to all of the children in year 1 and individual cards for the children who had written.   

How can we measure the wind?

This afternoon we have set up a weather station outside the year 1 classrooms. We are going to keep a record of how the weather changes.

We will use a thermometer to find out the temperature, collect and measure any rainfall, and observe the amount of cloud in the sky.

We have also made wind catchers to take home so that we can see how strong the wind is.

Wonderful Weather

This half term our topic is called Splendid Skies. We will be learning about the four seasons and weather.

We started the topic by making our own weather.

We made tornadoes in empty bottles, using glitter. When we spun the bottles round quickly the glitter and water created a vortex!

Then we created our own snow by mixing shaving foam and bicarbonate of soda. It was fun to play with.

Finally we created rain clouds by making cloud of shaving foam on the top of a jar of water. When we dripped blue food colouring into the cloud it dripped through and looked like rain in the jar!

Lots of Letters

This half term we have been learning to write letters. Last week we posted our letters to Santa and his elves, including polite language and a list with bullet points to tell Santa what we wanted for Christmas. We have recieved an email from Santa’s Chief Elf to let us know that our letters have arrived safely and we are hoping that Santa will send us some replies in the post.

Here is what the Chief Elf had to say about our writing.

Dear Miss Dearing, Miss Webster and all the children from Lawford Mead

I have received your wonderful letters today.  Thank you so much – they are just brilliant.  Here at the workshop, we are super busy making all the final Christmas gifts and have been working very hard so we really enjoyed a sit down with some Elf Juice whilst we read your letters.  We agree that the language you all used is most polite and we were very impressed with the bullet points!

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Best wishes from us all at Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s Chief Elf

Muddy Adventures

What a lovely way to spend an Autumn morning.

We have been having a great time at Muddy Adventures; building dens, climbing trees, collecting leaves, ‘cooking’ in the mud kitchen and playing with our friends. We use our teamwork skills to solve problems, especially when we are trying to make something, but we are also very good at helping each other when we are finding something tricky.

Here are a few of our pictures.

Writer of the week

Well done John. You were writer of the week this week for working really hard to publish your letter to the Queen. You checked your corrections and spellings very carefully and wrote clearly using your neatest handwriting.

We will put the letters in the post this week and hopefully we will get a reply!

Celebrating difference for Anti-Bullying week

Today was the start of Anti-bullying week. In year 1 we talked about what we thought bullying was and decided that it was someone deliberately and repeatedly did something to hurt another person or to hurt their feelings. We learned more about respect and shared our ideas. We also talked about the ideas of ‘treating others the way you would ant to be treated.’

In Sycamore we agreed on the class motto:

We choose respect because t makes us happy.

And have promised to say sorry if we do the wrong thing, tell an adult if we see someone being bullied and to treat everyone the way that we would want to be treated ourselves.

We celebrated our differences by wearing odd socks to school.


A Royal Visitor

This half term our topic is Bright Lights, Big City. We have already started learning about the different countries that make up the UK and have been finding out all about the Royal Family. On Thursday we welcomed a very special visitor, Her Majesty the Queen!

She said good afternoon to everybody and we all got to shake her hand, then she joined us for a Royal tea party of cucumber sandwiches and cake.

We learned to sing the National Anthem and sang for the Queen.