Home learning 11.1.22

English- This week, we are going to be looking at another poem about the wind. Some words have -ing at the end to show that something is happening.

Can you find the -ing words in this poem- Either highlight them or write them down.

Look at these words:

lift, mix, mend, switch, flash

Can you write them then add -ing to the end? What do these words then become?

Once you have added -ing to these words can you use them in a sentence by writing a sentence?

For example : Mix – Mixing – I am mixing the paint.

Write your ing words and sentences then post them onto seesaw so I can read them! 🙂

Maths- Number tracks to 20!

Can you complete the number tracks to show which numbers are missing?

Challenge: Look closely at these number tracks, some of these count backwards!

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