Friday’s work – 8th Jan

It’s lovely to see you all getting stuck into our new topic! Thank you for posting your work on Seesaw, we will try to comment on some of your work so do check again to see if we have sent you a reply!

We can’t believe it’s Friday! What a lot of learning you’ve done this week already, you should be very proud! Here’s your work for today:

English – Continue with your weather diary. Here’s a reminder of what we asked you to do:

This week in English, we would like you to keep a weather diary! In your weather diary you will need to include:

  • The day
  • A drawing of the weather you can see outside (Perhaps you can see the wind has blown things over? There are puddles on the ground? There is frost on the grass and branches?).
  •  A little description about what the weather is like each day:

   Are there clouds in the sky?

   How many clouds can you see?

   Are there puddles on the ground?

   Is the wind making things move?

Phonics – Today we are recapping the ‘sh’ sound.

Maths – Today’s maths is learning how to partition numbers into tens and ones. This just means looking at how many groups of ten and how many extra ones are in a number – e.g. 17 is one ten and 7 extra ones.

Here’s a video to help explain:

Art/Music – Listen to these pieces of music. They are extracts from a longer classical piece of music called ‘The four seasons’ by Vivaldi. Listen to each piece of music and think about which season it makes you think of. Draw or paint what it makes you think of. There are three clips, each one relates to one of the seasons. I wonder if you can work out what season is missing?

Kids Crafts: 4 Seasons - Autumn - Red Ted Art - Make crafting with kids  easy & fun

Here is a paper-based alternative art activity that you can download and do if you’re not able to listen to the music:

2 comments on “Friday’s work – 8th Jan

  • A big thank you to the teachers in year one(1) group for the support to the childrens you are giving to them. I can hear the voices of the children on the zoom meeting to be very excited and interested in their learning.They are really trying their best and working really hard.Well done to all of them.They are keeping themselves very busy on school work than watching TV. I wish you all the best during this difficult time .

    The work so far has been so amazing for the childrens. they love them.

    Thank you.

    • M Webster says:

      This is lovely to hear. Thank you very much. It is lovely to see the children enjoying the learning.


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